Deciding to visit your first Lifestyle club is a big step. There are lots of unknowns, and it's easy to let your head get filled with images of a pile of strangers writhing in a dirty basement located on a cul-de-sac in some nameless suburb.

We're well aware of the apprehensions, and that's why we do fun, informal, and friendly "Meet & Greets" at clubs all over the U.S. In general, M&Gs are more of a casual introduction to the Lifestyle and a great way to dip that proverbial toe. Many M&Gs happen earlier in the evening, before the club gets busy and play is allowed. And a lot of the M&Gs we host are at vanilla bars, which reduces first-timer apprehensions even further.

We just happen to have two such events happening this Friday, November 13 at PlayersATX in Austin and The Mystery Zone in Houston! They're both beautiful clubs with super sexy members, and we couldn't think of better places for someone new to the LS to get their first taste of the club scene!

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