As a very happily married man in the Lifestyle, I happen to have the more flexible job among the two of us. Mrs. Active has a very demanding career and a very loyal (albeit, very dependent) client base that takes up a significant amount of her time. I, on the other hand, have a much more flexible profession that allows me time to manage other things (Like household laundry, cooking meals, home improvement projects, etc.) and of course, managing our Lifestyle account.

I used to feel kind of creepy being the guy that was doing all the communicating back & fourth with a couple until we connect on a 4way Kik conversation or something of that sort. But, then I took a poll one day at random and on the daily Quiver feed asked the populous “Who manages your Quiver account?” The answer was quite comforting for me. I gathered about 56% of those that answered my question said that the guy manages the profile account for the two of them, and does most of the communicating up to a certain point.

I used to be concerned that I was coming off creepy in making flirtatious comments on the daily Quiver feed, not so much anymore. Since taking my own poll that day, I can comfortably say that I participate in the daily Quiver feed with excitement. I do practice the art of south gentlemanliness. How do I do such a thing on a website that talks about cock and pussy and fucking like wild animals and has all these hot pics of women with their fun sex toys? It’s not always easy. My aggressive side wants to come right out and say exactly what I’m thinking as I’m typing out the responses to the posts that catch my attention, especially with some of the incandescently hot pics that are posted daily.

But I remember how much respect I hope to find in how other guys will treat my queen (until it’s time to play anyway; insert devilish grin here). And if I am expecting them to treat Mrs. Active with that certain level of respect then it’s only fair that I do the same. Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you, right? At least that’s my perspective on the matter, and perspective always plays a part.

Mrs. Active and I have a daily communications session once we both make it home from work. Usually just before dinner we can unwind with a glass of wine or cocktail. We’ll sit on our back deck watching the sunset over the water as we talk about any interactions I had with hot people on Quiver, and show her the posts and pics that caught my attention. By now, I know what Mrs. Active likes well enough that I have a 99% success rate in choosing people that she would be interested in, so I use those criteria in making my daily communications with all the hotties on Quiver.

Having this daily catching up session at the end of the day fosters that reason and pleasure that we both get out of participating in the Lifestyle together. It gives us both one more thing to look forward to at the end of each day and provides us a time to shake off the stress from the corporate world. It also helps give me a sense of comfort knowing that I have nothing to hide from my wonderful wife and gives her the same comfort knowing that I’m sharing all this information with her. Plus, it’s pretty hot to check out all you sexy-ass people together as we look at profiles like kids look through the window of the candy store. Many times we end up having some really hot kinky aerobics in the bedroom after doing so :)

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