Everyone has fantasies. Unfortunately, because many people buy into the western idea of sexuality (stifled and repressed), too many fantasies go unresolved, unrecognized, and unfulfilled. For those in the Lifestyle, we have found the all-you-can-eat buffet of sexuality.

I’ll never forget when my husband told me he wanted to have a threesome and watch me eat another woman’s pussy while he fucked me. I have no idea why I was surprised. isn’t that every man’s fantasy? He went on and on and on about all the different things he would do with me and another woman, and yes... he got me going something fierce!

He had gone out of town for the weekend (or so he thought), and I had an acquaintance—who happened to be a unicorn—contact me. Oh yeah! She came over to our kid-vacated house, and I sent my hubby a text with a picture of a smoking-hot, thong-clad unicorn straddling his vintage guitar. Talk about piquing his interest and his loins!

Suddenly my phone rang. He was so excited his voice was shaking.

“Is this really happening?”

“Is she really in our house?”

“I’m three hours away!”

“Is that MY guitar?”

“Holy fucking shit! I’m on my way home!”

“Have a Red Bull and a Viagra waiting for me when I get there. It’s going to be a long night!”

He had a three-hour drive home ahead of him, and the unicorn and I continued to torment him with pictures. Thongs and titties and tongues, oh my! Needless to say, by the time he got home, he was rarin’ to go. I met him at the door in nothing but my panties, grinning devilishly with a Red Bull and a Viagra in hand.

I led him by the hand upstairs to our bedroom, and when he walked through the door his mouth fell open. Ms. Unicorn was propped up on a pillow with one hand holding a drink and the other in her panties. He turned to me and snarled, “That was the longest three hours I have ever experienced.”

Three and a half hours into our play date, Ms. Unicorn froze and looked at me, her eyes wide in astonishment. She panted, “Holy shit! He’s still rock hard!” Before I could respond, I heard Mr. brag, “Yes, ma’am,” and I cackled. This fantasy-come-true seemed to go on forever until all three of us could do no more, and ended with a unicorn sleeping between the Mr. and me.

We did everything he had imagined, leaving one tired hubby. True to form, in the morning he was suddenly revived and rock hard...again. Fantasy fulfilled, and all because we had discovered life in the Lifestyle.

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