Based on many chats I've had through private message or in the Quiver chat room, I've noticed many guys are still "hung" up and inevitably the question about penis size always "arises." No puns intended!

There will never be a clear cut answer when you ask women if cock size matters. The answers will be as diverse on the subject because one size doesn't fit all.

Yes I went there.

From what I've read, there's been studies and multiple surveys done in the past and apparently there is no definitive conclusion to whether size matters.

My BFF for example is not shy about the fact that she is a proud "size" queen. She was married to her husband for seven years and she always talked about how he was well endowed. I mean like, on and on constantly and wouldn't shut up about it. Up to the point where we all were having drinks at their place one night and I finally said, "let's see it! Pull the damn thing out!"

Her husband did not hesitate and unzipped his pants and pulled that bad boy out of his trousers and needless to say, I never doubted her again. She was never one to exaggerate and although it was quite impressive, perhaps a bit much for my taste. Now that she is divorced due to irreconcilable differences, she is on the hunt for bigger and better. Below eight and a half inches? No need to apply! She knows
what she wants and how big she likes it!

Not all women will have the same answer to the question regarding cock size as our preferences vary as much as our taste in fashion. It's like comparing tastes in handbags. I prefer French, as in a stylish Louis Vuitton classic, while other women might favor Italian, like a sleek Prada bag. Sometimes you want a smaller cute purse to accessorize and accentuate your wardrobe while other times you might look at a bigger purse for convenience and practicality to carry more items.

Sure a nice big thick one is great to look at and play with (yes, I'm talking cocks here now...not hand bags). Typically the owner of such a big organ hanging between their legs tends to exude confidence. Then there are times when they're over reliant on their large member and actually fall "short" during love making. Yet someone who is not as well endowed, tends to compensate and tries to excel in other areas and develop other sexual skills. It's not just about inserting your big monster into my tight little cave. It's more
about the prelude, passion, and creativity beforehand.

Sure any woman can look fab in a fancy dress but more often than not it's the accessories that are vital to pulling it off. The bracelet, the necklace, and oh yes, the shoes are what ultimately make the look!
Weapon2 A big thick cock in my hand might look appealing.

But is it nicely shaped and cut?

Not too veiny?

And most important, well groomed?

Nothing kills the mood more than having to spit out pubes halfway through a session of good head.

Wearing a fashionable pair of shoes can empower a woman. A sexy pair of stilettos can make her confident. It can make her legs seem longer and her ass feel firm. Although debatable, it typically comes down to comfort. A stylish, well fitting shoe can be heaven. No woman likes to be in pain wearing a pricey pair of heels no matter how hot they look.

Much like a well endowed man, too big can be uncomfortable. I know women can adapt, expand, and conform down in our private regions which makes our anatomies true wonders and why we are capable of extending the human race with our child bearing capabilities. But if I have to consider having an epidural before having sex with you then there is not enough lubricant in the world to make it worthwhile and pleasurable.

My BFF might strongly disagree however, and it should be noted that she went through natural child birth while having very healthy twins. But for many of us, smaller doesn't necessarily mean it won't be good.

Sometimes being on top gives me a sense of control and I like both the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions like any good Texas girl should. I've found these positions to be more enjoyable with someone built more modestly than someone with a dick as big as an anaconda.

So the age old question will always linger without a definitive answer. Does size really matter? My husband always likes to joke, "do not bring a pocket knife to a sword fight". When I think about having sex, I don't think of it as preparing for battle. But keeping in line with armed conflict euphemisms, if you're bringing a sling shot to a gun duel, then be creative and put forth a memorable sexual experience using your other talents.

Ultimately, every woman is distinct in their preference when it comes to a man's pleasure tool. Much like my fashion choices, I'm more about high quality and less about the quantity. I'm not a cock connoisseur by any means, but I've seen and enjoyed a few in my lifetime. In my limited experiences and non-scientific findings, it seems that I'm most comfortable and pleased by the seven and a half to eight inch range. Which coincidently happens to be the shoe size I'm most comfortable in as well!

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