EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a two part story, with the male and female perspectives of the same story each told individually. First up: Mrs J Cleve's version!

I'm happily married! Truly happy. Wonderful kids and my loving husband B. He and I are constantly talking and always goofing around--kids at heart. I love my job! How could I be more happy? More income won't do it. Cooler car? Nope! Apparently the answer for me is more cock!

Wait a fucking second! I'm a mom! A mother and a wife! I'm a respected member of society, a professional! I can not be considering this. Smh. He brought it up at the supermarket. I have a box of Fruity Pebbles in my hand and he's asking me if I'd prefer fucking or sucking a random guy...a random hot guy he picked out walking down the aisle! I hear myself say, "Oh, him! I would blow him!" And. I . Meant. It. Holy shit, I really did! I was standing there, cereal in hand, red faced, and shocked!

A few days have passed and we are driving to my in-laws to drop off our kids. You know, so they can build memories with their grandparents. That's what I tell myself. I will not...can not...admit to myself that we are dropping them off so that we can go find a handsome young man at a swingers club for me to orally satisfy. See I'm a liar. My husband is a liar too. We are liars! Oh the shame.

On the road! iPhone fired up and giving us the route. I'm driving to make sure that I have a dis-traction. I blurt out loudly, "Oh god! We are going to run into someone I know! Or you know! This is going to be awful! I'm not a slut! That's what they'll think...that I'm a slut!" My husband laughed! He said, "Well wouldn't that make them sluts too if you walk in and see one of your friends or co-workers sucking some guy's dick?" He had a huge smile on his face and it calmed me down.

Parking the car I turn to ask my husband the following question: "If I do this, am I cheating on you? I don't want to be a cheater." He reminded me that we are doing this as a couple. That we are together. We will make the decision together and we will both look for a guy and agree be-fore anything happens. So I can't be a cheater. Maybe nothing will happen I think to myself.

Paperwork, IDs, debit card, and we are walking in! Holy shit am I nervous. I can tell I'm anxious because I can't stop talking! I lean into my husband and I say only half joking, "We used our debit card, Debbie at the bank, she's gonna know!" He replies with a "Yep, she's going to know that we were out looking for a man for you to have fun with. How will you ever face her?"

The tour--the rules and all that red! We are met instantly by a tour guide. Nice guy, very proud to be a member. We make our intros and he starts walking. The tour concludes and we head back out to the bar area in the main room. My takeaways? Here's what I remember--fuck swing, wooden cross, glory hole, and the Sybian! Nothing else. Oh...and the exposed brick walls and 70s porn. I commented to B what an awesome NYC apartment the space would make. Lol!

I remember wolfing down a bunch of pretzels and thinking that I was happy to be here with my husband. Still nervous! It was new, scary, and thrilling (in a good way). It was something I would never allow myself to experience with anyone else. Glad we were together.

Normally chatty, we have had a nice pretzel filled round of silence. I don't remember who broke the silence first but I'm going to say it was me. I asked B, "How do I approach someone I think I might be interested in? How do I turn down someone I'm not interested in?" We discussed it a bit and decided to be kind, but honest both ways! After all, we may not be someone's choice either.

We were walking around trying to get the lay of the land and getting more comfortable. My hus-band excused himself for a moment and I started chatting with an older couple. The female said I had a nice ass and asked if I would show it to them. I did! It was easier than I thought as I un-buttoned my jeans and pulled my panties down exposing my butt. They groped a little. Wasn't expecting that, but I didn't want to be rude. It's nice to have admirers! B arrived to an older cou-ple telling him that, "Your wife has a nice ass!" He agreed, but looked confused. I filled him in later.

The evening is moving along quickly and we are back in the bar area. Here's an actual note I wrote about what happened next:

"My husband picked out two guys that were young and sexy, he knows me very well lol! I was nervous to approach either at first as it was my first time playing in the lifestyle. We walked by the one guy. A 23-year-old with a killer body and a nice smile! My husband said, "Hey man," and introduced us. We chatted awkwardly for a bit. A little later B suggested that I ask him to dance. We were dancing close and grinding on the dance floor. I just flat out whispered in his ear, "Can I blow you?" He thankfully said yes and we made plans to seek out a room in back. The three of us walked back to a free room and shut the door. It was my first time. We undressed and he laid on the bed naked and I crawled on top. He was big, eight inches, and shaved. I lucked out! Nervous, but excited, I straddled his one leg with my wet pussy and tits pressed against him and went down on his cock with my eager mouth. Up and down paying attention to the spot under the head I then licked his balls and upwards to his shaft. He really seemed to love that. I stared up at him as he was enjoying and looking down at me saying how sexy I was. He said he was going to cum and I took his cock deeper into my mouth and swallowed!"

The three of us sat around and chatted for a long while. We laughed a lot and I enjoyed all the compliments I received from my husband and this guy R I just met. We exchanged numbers to text. Damn. What the fuck!

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