By now most of the regular readers here at Inside Quiver know I normally write a lot of editorial style blog entries. But I couldn’t help straying from my normal and tell you all something that Mrs. Active did to me (for me is probably the more accurate way to say it) while I was trying to work just this week.

Working from home the way I do, I get a lot of office time during the week. The only time I have any contact with my boss or coworkers is during a regular weekly conference call. And then, it’s all hands of deck for the boss.

This week was the first week of 2016 and just like any other week: I had my regular conference call to the boss and all the other cronies on the team. We have this call agenda that the boss has us follow that requires us all to participate without sitting silently while doing something else. So, I really have to pay close attention sometimes knowing that I have to do my part in the weekly dog & pony show.

This week Mrs. Active had some time after going to the gym and decided to come home to get ready for her day rather than doing it a work the way normally does after her workouts. I didn’t know this and expected yet another day of the same old same old. I was about halfway through my conference call when I hear Mrs. Active in her pretty voice saying, “Honey! I’m home!” I looked to see her still glowing from the weight training she does at the gym. Here hair still just the slightest bit wet from sweating under the pressure of the 206 lb dead lifts and endless numbers of squats she does.

She had a smile that was both beautiful (as always) and just the slightest bit mischievous. The conference call was just getting to a point where I was going to have to make my presentation and updates for the call and couldn’t talk long before I had to perform for the circus.

My office is attached to our master suite here at the ranch and of course our master bathroom is attached as well. My office sits just catty-corner to our bathroom so I can spin around in my office chair and see Mrs. Active in the bathroom mirror. That made presenting much more interesting on that day as I watched her refection in the mirror from my office chair whilst presenting to a bunch of people on my conference call. It was hard to concentrate at first but I got my bearings and found a way to still speak on point while seeing my beautiful, hot wife getting out of her still slightly damp gym clothes to prepare for a shower.

I went on with my conference call and waited for the next window on the call agenda where I would have to present again and got through that portion still thinking about mischievous smile on my gorgeous wife’s face. What does she have in mind? Obviously, she’s feeling frisky but how much time does she have? After all, that answer determines just how kinky we can get right? WRONG!!!

She finished her shower while I was still on this conference call that has now gone beyond the allotted time and is frustrating me since I know my wife is just in the other room and willing to play naughty right now. Fast forward toward the end of the call and I am done with my portion of the presentation and I’ve muted my phone so that I can walk into the bedroom to talk with her and see what the story is. As I make it to the threshold of the door, she is there with a dildo in hand and nudges me to sit down in the office chair again with her still mischievous smile. I fall back into my office chair and she hands me the dildo which we have named “Cabana Boy” and tells me to fuck her with it. I can see she has already lubed it up and as I’m looking at it she has now bent over in front of me spreading her pretty ass cheeks to reveal all of her awesome female parts. I quickly catch on and put the Cabana Boy to work. And because it is already lubed I can just slide it right in a get aggressive from the start.

By now, the voices I’m hearing on my speaker phone are just a dull roar in the background kind of like a box fan running in your bedroom that just turns in to white noise. I’m trying to keep in mind that my boss could call on me with a question at any time so I have to have at least one ear open to make sure I don’t miss such a thing.

I’m now fucking her with all 7 ½ inches of the dildo and can’t seem to concentrate on much of anything other than this unknown fantasy of mine that is coming to life right then.

The only things that took my attention away from my wife’s tight little fanny getting fucked was the “BEEP BEEP BEEP!!” of the phone as everyone else had hung up once the conference call had ended. We both noticed it and she took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom where she bent over the side of the bed expecting me to fuck her with the Cabana Boy some more. I happily obliged and watched again as the 7 ½ inches disappeared in her hot dripping pussy.

Now, I notice she is rubbing her sweet little clit underneath which motivates me to bang her with the Cabana Boy even more. I’m making it a point to approach from just the right angle so as to rub her G spot with every stroke. She starts moaning when I do so and I can feel her tense up and see her strong back flexing as she starts to feel the orgasm coming on. She lets out one big moan and I can see and feel her satisfaction instantly.

She looked back at me with an even bigger smile this time while she was still bent over and found me rubbing my super hard cock as I finally pulled the Cabana Boy from her happy hole. She could see how hard my cock was and asked, “You want me to take care of that for you?” You KNOW the answer to that question.

She proceeded to get up and I sat down on the side of the bed wear she had just been. I laid down as she grabbed some lube from the night stand and proceeded to lube up my freshly shaved cock & balls. She wrapped her strong hand around my claymore and proceeded to employ a new hand job technique she read about on I wish I could tell you all what this technique is but, it had me in a sensual time warp that took total control of my mind.

Before I knew it, she had her well lubricated finger in my ass and her mouth around my diamond hard cock while stroking and spinning her hands like some kind of kinky magician. She proceeded to milk me for every bit of orgasmic pleasure she could get out of me. I had one of those orgasms that leaves you so satisfied that you instantly want more. Now, I know what you’re thinking, it doesn’t make any sense as I type either. But, then again, neither does being so tired you can’t sleep but I’ve heard numerous people use that explanation before.

I had to take a minute or two to find my brain afterwards. But, once I did, I could see her across the room entering the bathroom to clean up. As I joined her at the our his & hers sinks, I told her how she had just made my eyes roll back in head with that little trick she just pulled from her bag o tricks. She gave me that same mischievous smile and said,” You’re welcome baby!” DAMN...I love my wife!

And that’s why I had to stay from my normal editorial style: because Mrs. Active does her homework and found yet another way to make my head spin in ecstasy. And that will go down in history as my Kinkiest Conference Call ever. Until, she blows my mind again. (wink wink)

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