Looking to attract more attention and meet more people? Here are five Quiver tips and tricks that will start more sexy conversations that lead to more hot encounters:

Make the effort to get verified. It only takes a minute, and it shows others that you're real and serious about being here. Non-verified profiles also get overlooked, and our site has several built-in advantages for verified members

Fill out your profile completely, including writing something about yourself and what you're looking for. Missing information makes it appear like you're not serious about meeting others

You'll get a lot more attention and views if you upload an alluring—but not necessarily explicit—profile photo. It's better to leave the X-rated pics for your Private Galleries because people love to be given special access to the locked up naughty stuff, and they'll likely reciprocate in kind with an invite to a Gallery of their own

Absolutely DO post face pics in an Invite-Only Gallery. Everyone is going to ask for them sooner or later, so better to have them ready. If you're comfortable giving someone access to a Invite-Only Gallery, you should be comfortable letting them see your faces

Participate in the home feed as often as you can. This is (generally) a public forum, and the more your name, comments, and pics are seen, the more familiar you'll be to other Quiver members. You don't necessarily have to come out of the gate and post pics, but commenting and interacting with those who do will be a great boost

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