Welcome to Quiver! Now... Who the Hell Are You?

Wow, Quiver, you sure have grown. This community has seen a massive influx of memberships over recent months, and I welcome you all to this little hedonistic society. Hopefully, you have been warmly received by other members of the Quiver Nation, and perhaps you’ve even been coitally engaged by some of them. If you haven’t danced horizontally with any of our lovely members yet, don’t give up hope! It’s a new year, and endless possibilities might unfold their legs for you if you remain respectful and open about what you seek.

That being said, I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about “photo etiquette” here on Quiver. If you’ve joined the site and taken the brief moment required to get verified, you have probably noticed the incredibly wide array of alluring photos available to you from various Quiverers across the country. You’ve seen jewels stuffed into rear ends, those same rumps left red and marked with spankings. You’ve seen women strapped to a cross being serviced by other women. We even have a few masterful GIF-makers on here… you know who you are, and why we love you. Needless to say, the Marquis De Sade would have had a field day with Quiver.

Now, Quiver is essentially a social networking site, albeit with a freaky deaky bent. With that in mind, it is often fun to see the sexually-themed memes and photos that people have brought to the site, those images that wouldn’t have been allowed on any of those vanilla social networks. I have chuckled heartily once or twice at posts from friends, and the occasional meme offers some good vignettes of lifestyle ideology.

Something I’ve noticed as Quiver has been inundated with new memberships, however, is the increase in profiles that contain no personal photos, but that are flooded with pornographic images taken from the internet.

Now, I’m no stranger to porn, and I certainly wouldn’t discourage anyone from sharing an image that turns them on, but I am disheartened by these profiles for two reasons. Firstly, it is frustrating because often we as a couple become interested in others based on a photo or photos they have shared. It is always pretty disappointing to discover that the couple we thought was hot is, well... who knows?

These profiles are often coupled with minimal information about the couple/individual and we are left scratching our head as to why they are actually on the site. And frankly, it always feels a little dishonest when a profile is full of Google images. Also, if you plan on using that strategy, it’s probably worth noting that Quiver makes an effort to delete profiles full of third-party pornography. Honesty and transparency are always the focus here, folks.

The second reason why these profiles confound us is because of what these people are missing out on. Look, I get it... it’s nerve-racking. Posting any photo online has become a much-warned about thing, and as such we have definitely developed a stigma around sharing sexually-oriented images of ourselves on the internet. Not to mention that sharing your naked body online requires you to push through body-image issues and a host of other psychological aspects.

I suppose it’s time to get personal. When Ms. Lyrical and I first joined Quiver, it was mid-summer and we were about to embark upon a West Coast tour. While we were on the road, we had an absolute blast filling our profile with pictures. It was a fun, entertaining distraction on the road, and we quickly fell in love with the community as we were received warmly and lovingly by other members of the lifestyle.

Now, we had our hesitations, for sure. At first we weren’t about sharing pictures of our faces, and we both had a hard time fully sharing our bodies with all those strangers. Like many in the modern world, we sometimes don’t feel great about our bodies.

While we were on that tour though, we decided that we didn’t want to be ashamed. We didn’t want to hide our faces or deceive those who might be interested in us. Most importantly, we decided that if we were going to be about the lifestyle, we were going to do so without hesitation or an extreme need for anonymity. Sure, certain levels of anonymity are nice to have, but I guess we just felt that we wanted to own our sexuality openly and not be afraid to share it with the world.

I cannot quite articulate the many advantages of this decision. Ms. Lyrical loves attention... she loves getting it from men and women alike (in more ways than one), and the attention she has received from many people on Quiver has been so good for her. She is a gorgeous beauty and I have watched her glow time and time again as other people have validated this. I don’t think she needed that validation, but I think for both of us just the simple act of breaking our own mental boundaries was a huge release and comfort.

Me? I’m an entertainer and an artist; few things bring me more joy than facilitating another person’s entertainment. I had to accept early on that I was never going to be the center of attention with Ms. Lyrical at my side. But, my ego got over it and I found new ways to satisfy what I want. From this particular outlet, I have received some incredibly heartwarming and satisfying feedback to the things I’ve written. As far as photos go… taking them with Ms. Lyrical is very satisfying, indeed, and we find ways to put me in focus.

For example, we once balanced my spectacles on my semi-erect member and took a close-up. It wasn’t the most flattering “Dick pic” ever taken, but boy did he look smart! And hilarious. That one’s still on our profile if you want a good laugh.
And sometimes a good laugh is the best thing you can give someone. Ms. Lyrical loves (and sometimes hates) that I can pretty much make her laugh at any moment. And her smile makes me so happy that I take advantage of that skill as often as possible. This is what I have to offer, it is a part of who I am and how I can bring happiness to someone who brings me so much in return.

And in the end, that’s what this is all about. What do you have to offer? If you don’t want to share images of yourself, you don’t have to. You can write a beautiful profile and make us enamored with the way your mind works. Personally, I’d like to see more hand-drawn portraits of people’s playmates. I know there has to be some talented artists out there.

Whatever you decide to share with us, make it something that truly represents you. While it’s convenient to know what kind of porn you’re into, it doesn’t really help us get to know anything about you. A vanilla picture of you doing something you enjoy tells us a lot more about yourself than an image of your favorite porn star getting gangbanged. And, when you start truly sharing yourself, you’ll find that which is inside of you, waiting to be offered to someone else.

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