How did we get here? How did we go from being a normal suburbanite professional
couple raising two wonderful children to becoming a couple that frequents swing clubs, browses tawdry lifestyle sites like Quiver and rents hotel rooms to fuck and suck people that are not our spouse? I know, we must be disgusting human beings and we truly can not possibly be in love!

Anyway, our journey into this life of debauchery started in a supermarket. I agree it’s a strange place for a journey like this to begin but that’s our origin. We were out one Sunday afternoon, alone, just filling our shopping cart with happiness (you know, ice cream and Italian bread)! We were talking and laughing about the small things in life and enjoying the freedom that grandparents have the power to grant a married couple when they joyfully take the kids for a day!

I was enjoying our time together and loved seeing my wife smiling and laughing so I naturally decided to change the topic of our current conversation from the weeks dinner planning to “See that cute guy over there?” Would you prefer to blow him or fuck him?”

I was shocked too! I really have no idea, to this day, where that question came from! I saw the look of horror gloss across my wife’s face and I braced for what surely had to be an incoming right cross! But it never came. The look of horror on her face vanished as quickly as it had arrived and she said “What cute guy?” and I saw myself pointing him out and she said, “Oh, I would blow him! He is cute!”

We did what any couple would do when they became aware that they were lustful humans, we went back to shopping as quickly as we could! “Hey, grab me a box of Fruity Pebbles!” I said confidently.

Later that evening we shared an awkward moment in bed. Neither of us could start a
conversation. Completely out of character for us as we are constantly talking! We laid there silently staring into the darkness of the room. So, once again, I naturally blurted out something to move life along, “Hey, my parents are going to watch the kids next weekend so we can go to a swing club together and you can find a hot guy to blow!”

She responded with something like, “What the fuck are you talking about?! You can’t have your parents watch the kids so I can suck some strange guys dick! They can’t know that!”

I clarified, “They don’t know you and I are going to go out to find a hot dick for you to suck! That’s not what I meant.”

We rule at communication.

“What I meant was they are going to watch the kids so we can go have dinner with friends!”

We ended up having the usual great night of sex! I began exploring the two local swing clubs in our area and we made our plans. We were genuinely excited to begin this next adventure together.

The week flew by and soon we were both in the car heading downtown for our first
adventure. The conversations during that week were amazing. They played in my head
and I recalled that they were full of blushing faces, rules, suggestions, agreements, promises, fears, giggles, love, and commitment.

We entered the club to a warm welcome and were immediately given the “New Member”
tour! J and I have talked and we remember two completely different tours. The only thing we agree on is that there were a lot of red bricks and somewhere there was a well endowed male showering – in public. He waved at us.

The club began to fill up and we were horrified in the best way possible. How would this night go? What the fuck is going to happen? Is anything going to happen? We set boundaries so we knew that limits were in place. To share, the limits were that we would get to pick out a gentleman for her to blow! I know, kind of barbaric. It was also ok if she talked to him and danced with him. You know got to know him a little bit before he could put his dick in her mouth.

We had a blast watching single guys interacting with couples. Some being rebuffed and others engaged in what we imagined was riveting conversation! I saw a guy and pointed him out to my wife and said “he’s cute!” He was “a hottie” as my wife pointed out. It turns out I was really good at pointing out really hot guys! It was a hidden talent and up until that point in my life I never even knew I possessed.

So now we're sitting in a swing club trying to figure out how we are going to introduce ourselves to a stranger because we wanted to see if he would be interested in getting his dick sucked by J, my wife. It was humbling.

Two intelligent humans who have had no difficulty talking in any situation sat a table shoving pretzel into their dry mouths trying to find a way to break the ice. So, we sat there for about an hour watching him dance and laugh with other couples. We finally got the nerve to get up and walk towards him and he immediately made eye contact with J. Then it got really awkward, because I all of a sudden became confident again and she became even more nervous! It was awesome.

J looked at me and said, “What should I do?”

I said, “Do you like him?”

She replied with, “I think he is sexy as hell!” She asked me to help her break the ice and I said hi to him and introduced him to J.

He was very polite and we shared a brief conversation about what I can’t remember. I turned to J and said "you love to dance so ask him to dance, and when you get him out on the dance floor if you are enjoying yourself take it from there."

J mustered up the courage to ask him to dance and he was thrilled to accept. I watched another man escort my wife to the dance floor and I watched them dance for a half an hour or so. I watched as he held her hips and pulled her close. I watched as she put her hands under his shirt and touched his, as I discovered later, perfect washboard abs. I watched as she looked over at me smiling from ear to ear! I returned her smile with a smile of my own. It was always pleasurable watching her have fun.
CoupleKissing They left the dance floor and she led him back to where I was and he excused himself saying he’d “be right back”. I asked J, “Are you having fun?” She could hardly contain herself, “Oh my god – yes!” I asked her if there were any plans and she said, “When we were dancing I asked him if I could take him to a room and suck his cock! He said yes!”

Now I must admit I was a bit terrified that this was going to happen. I could tell J was terrified too but it was a good kind of terrified. Like when you ride a new rollercoaster or fall off a hundred foot cliff for the first time. In retrospect it was more like the rollercoaster; aside from the rug burns she later got on her knees, she didn’t have anything to compare with falling off a cliff.

We entered a play room and closed the door. There wasn’t much talking. J introduced R to me and I observed from a neutral corner across the small room. J dropped to her knees and began kissing his abs and unbuttoned his jeans and yanked them down mid thigh and pulled his briefs down and freed his cock.

This needs to be said: He was large. Intimidatingly large.

Not for her but for me, a heterosexual male confident with his manhood, I was now watching my wife service a cock that was at least 8 inches long. I was nervous for her. Would she be able to handle it?

Apparently she wasn’t nervous at all! She didn’t even seem to notice how big it was she was just having fun. She eased him onto the bed and pulled his pants and briefs off and started to bob her head up and down his cock. He was instantly into it moaning softly and gently fondling her head and reaching for her breasts. She removed her top and bra so he could play with her nipples and caress her skin. It was an amazing thing to see and to share.

She spread his legs and licked and sucked his balls and then took his cock into her mouth again and his moaning became louder and her strokes got quicker and she too started to moan with lust. Soon he was cumming into her soft beautiful mouth.

She swallowed his cum and gently licked his balls and took his cock into her mouth to clean him up and suck him dry.

Afterwards the two of them sat on the bed and we talked for another 20 minutes. We
laughed at the awkwardness. We replayed what just happened and discussed how much
fun was had. We exchanged contact information.

There was a connection between J and R. They truly enjoyed each other’s company. It wasn’t cold sex; it was three people sharing an intimate encounter. There was no shame.

There were no feelings of betrayal between J and I. I enjoyed watching her have fun and give pleasure to another man. It was pleasurable for me to watch.
Afterwards when J and I were alone we talked and my first question was, “Did you see the size of his cock!?” To which she replied, “See it? I sucked it! It was huge!”

We laughed like crazy! We replayed that night over and over for the next week and to be honest we still replay it and it still gets us horny and we still laugh!

J and R still play together and we try to make it a regular occurrence.

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