For weeks we have been debating about whether we should open ourselves up to the idea of solo play for me, the wife, simply because it's so difficult to find time and sitters to coordinate a night out on a regular basis. We both enjoy the Hotwife lifestyle; it has been an absolute blast playing with a hot sexy young man and looking over and seeing my wonderful husband smiling at me. Such a turn on!

So, about two weeks ago, my husband mentioned to me that maybe I should consider playing solo on occasion at a nearby hotel! I kinda freaked out; I almost started crying and I wasn't sure why. We talked and laughed, and he explained that he thought it would open a little more time so that I could have a little more fun. He asked me why I was red faced and I thought about it for a bit and said because "You are my partner and I'm not sure it'd feel right without you there." That's when he got the idea for me to post a note to the Quiver Community seeking advice. A bunch of you reached out and I had conversations with those that did using various forms of social media! KIK, msg at Quiver, SnapChat, etc. Our main concern is my safety and that's what a lot of these conversations were about and we kinda incorporated a bit from several sources here on Quiver and became much more comfortable.

It actually happened so fast. I was at work and my husband sent me an abs pic of a younger guy. He asked me if I'd be interested in having a meet and play with him after work, and I said hell yes! He told me to contact him and chat with him and be up front with him and explain our rules. I immediately started a social media dialogue with him and we went back and forth for several hours and agreed to meet up at a local bar. He lives kinda close which made me happy because if we hit it off and there is a spark I thought I may have just found my FWB!

We met in a very crowded bar and immediately hit it off. He was young (26), handsome and a good conversationalist. Our conversation quickly turned to sex and we had a blast sharing fantasies and we noticed two ladies my age were eagerly listening in on our chat but we kept going. I was very turned on now and certainly ready to have some fun! But this is where I struggle: I could tell he was very interested in me and I'm sure he knew I was interested in him, but I was having difficulty finding my courage to ask him if he'd like to get a room. Then all of a sudden I leaned in and said "Do you want to split a hotel?" He said, "Ummm, I'd like to pay for the room!" Off we went! I texted my husband saying "Doing well still at the bar. We are going to go to a hotel. Leaving now!" And off we went each in our own cars.

We checked in, hurried to the room and then we were quickly grabbing and undressing each other. I had my hands in his jeans and found his erection and dropped to my knees and started kissing and sucking his hard on. He pulled me up to slow me down and we finished undressing. He fingered me while we kissed (I like kissing; it's not taboo for me), and I stroked him.

I sat on the bed and he gently pushed me onto my back and started fucking me, which felt so good, with great pace and stamina. Then he stopped and got me onto my knees and started to eat me out and all of a sudden his tongue was in my ass! Nope, never had that done before! I was like Holy SHIT, his tongue is in my ass! But it felt great, so I went for it. He was clearly enjoying himself doing it so I should be kind and enjoy it, right? And besides, it wasn't against our rules. Then I a tremendous orgasm with his fingers inside me.

He rolled me over and started fucking me again, once again displaying his stamina. He eventually pulled out and climbed near my face, and I started sucking his hard cock. While straddling me he started gently fucking my mouth. I took him all in with each stroke and soon he was coming, his cock completely in my throat. Soon I could feel five orgasmic pulses of cum shoot into my mouth. He was looking down at me with wide eyes the entire time and said, "WOW, good girl!" We collapsed together and soon he was back between my legs eating me out and fingering me to another screaming orgasm.

We exchanged phone numbers and he texted me a wonderful thank you and we are looking forward to our next play time. Maybe my husband will watch this one!

A serious thank you to those of you in the Quiver Community that helped us through our decision making process! Especially @alex @sumar1972 @indyhw @mindofamour. That is why we enjoy this site so much. As Quiver grows it will get better and better!

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