Mrs. Active and I have been in the Lifestyle for about two years, and have met some of the coolest people we know because of it. We’ve been to a lifestyle resort and experienced several of the local Lifestyle clubs in the Dallas area.

At the Lifestyle Resort we had our very first experience with a great couple from Montreal. We spent several days learning about our own sexual desires and got really comfortable with the Lifestyle really quick. I enjoyed watching Mrs. Active slowly liberating herself from her own chains to enjoy life topless during a morning pool exercise class with other hot women.

In the clubs we’ve been to so far, we’ve experienced our first Dom/Sub couple, complete with the wife referring to her husband as “Master”. We’ve even had the seriously hot scenario play out where we were in the front row of a porn theater to find that everyone else in the theater was watching us instead of the movie. That was one of our personal favorites, actually.

But the one experience we had at a Lifestyle party in suburban Dallas left us changing our minds on the thought of “Same Room Only”. That night we arrived early (typical newbies) and checked in as we were instructed. As the more experienced Lifestylers arrived, people started to approach us and make conversation. In my mind, I’m certain that some of these people smelled fresh meat.

The night went on and we found ourselves getting along really well with a local couple who happen to live not far from us. There was all the nervous flirting, and that lead to a few short make out sessions there in the kitchen. Mrs. Active even got some action on the kitchen counter while I was having some fun with his wife on the opposite end of the kitchen. Things got pretty hot as we were all getting to know one another quite well.

Then things got awkward.

Right about the time I felt it, I got the signal from Mrs. Active to meet in the bathroom. She tells me that the couple we’re making out with doesn’t play in the same room with one another because the female half doesn’t like to see her hubby in the act so they agree to play separately. This caused a problem, but somewhere in between the conversation in the bathroom and our return to the kitchen, there was an agreement arranged between these two that led to my being lead upstairs by Mrs. Active and the couple. We entered the first bedroom we could find and the wife took me by the front of my belt and proceeded to aggressively get my pants off ASAP!! I laid down on the bed in the room right next to Mrs. Active and her new friend.

This gal new what she was doing when she sucked my rock hard and throbbing cock. She proceeded to get me off in roughly 60 secs. (DON’T JUDGE!!) And though it was awkward trying to understand what just happened in spite of what I’ve learned of this couple, I found myself very turned on and my cock was not done.

I then jumped in with Mrs. Active and her fuck buddy next door. It was during this time that I learned what it means to see Mrs. Active getting pleasured by another man. I saw her hot wet pussy getting fucked by this guy and wanted to do whatever I could to make the pleasure even more erotic. I jumped in fingering her slick little asshole while she rode his cock in rhythm with the song on the surround-sound out in the living room. And when they changed positions, I made it a point to kiss her hot and passionately as she leaned my way by chance to adjust herself. Mrs. Laid down on her back and I stood there over her face watching as she was fucked hard and steady. His athleticism lent itself to the workout he was getting and giving at the same time.

I can only claim it was instinct that made me grab both her ankles and pull them behind her head as far as humanly possible, which caused her pretty ass to press even more firmly against his jabbing pelvis. I heard Mrs. Active getting super aroused as she figured out what was happening, and simultaneously he started fucking her harder and long stroking himself into her hyper wet pussy that was just giving up the fight and submitting to one of her hottest most intense orgasms to date. Safe to say people heard what was going on. We even drew some admirers into the room who stuck around to watch the thunderous finish.

The debriefing that took place the next morning between us was so intense that we couldn’t resist getting all over each other. We had some super-hot sex that morning; the kind where you forget the world exists. You are entranced in the throes of the kind marital sex that leaves you sweaty, sticky, and gasping for air.

After we had our way with each other, we talked and debriefed a little more. We talked about the fact that the wife of the couple took one for the team last night just for her husband, and how we might have been open to the idea of separate rooms given more time to consider. After all, it’s a private party with no threat of strangers being let in past the guest list that was being adhered to at the front door. So why not allow ourselves to have sex in separate rooms in certain settings? We now find the idea to be pretty hot in certain instances.

So not only did I learn just how much I love to see Mrs. Active pleasured as an active participant with other men, we learned together that playing in separate rooms is a comfortable (and even hotter) option in certain circumstances.

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