"Back in the day when I was a little kid, my parents would go to the neighbors and have these parties with friends of theirs," he recalled. "My sitter, who was the daughter of one of the neighbors, told me that one night she overheard her parents talking about having a key party. Neither of us knew what that meant" he told us as we sat silent.

He continued, "years later I was watching a movie called the Ice Storm and realized what a key party was. It was a game couples used to play and at the end of the night as the party was ending, each couple would throw their car keys into a bowl. Whoever reached into the bowl, the couple holding the keys they selected would swap partners with whoever they belonged too."

We all started to laugh and jeer having realized that Tony's parents were swingers. We all agreed it explained a lot about him and his sexually driven personality.

"So you want us to have a seventies key party right now?" Red asked him.

"No. Even better." he enthusiastically answered.

"We are all single here, young, and some of us are horny. Really horny. So since it's already past four in the morning and too late to go out and hook up, I figured we'd randomly do that here!"

Everyone was oohing and aahing at his suggestion and we were not surprised at Tony's boldness. I myself was astounded that no one was opposed to his proposition. In fact a few had already pledged their participation.

Tony began again, "Now here is how the game goes. The guys will put their work name tags in this bowl. One by one, the girls will pick out one of the tags, and whoever's name tag they grab, that's who they hook up with!"

The group exclaimed again in amazement at his idea. Guys and girls were swigging from the bottle of Cuervo tequila and Red slammed the bottle down after taking a drink.

"Fuck, I'm single now! Count me in!"

Everyone cheered and one by one they all committed to playing. I was stunned that no one objected and they were so open to having random sex with one another. I knew a few of them had hooked up before but this was a bit over the top I thought. Their eyes were now focused on me as I was the only hold over.

"For real?" I asked still perplexed by everyone's openness to playing this game. I felt like a visitor in the Italian Capital about to join a Roman orgy. Or maybe it was just me, and I was more of a prude than I thought.

Up to that point I had only been with three guys and two of them were long term boyfriends. After my recent break up I was having casual sex with a guy I knew from one of my roommates. But that was just an occasional booty call whenever I needed some mind clearing no strings attached fun.

The group started egging me on to join them.

"Do it! Do it! Do it!" they started chanting in unison.

I could feel my face redden as they tried to get me to play their naughty game.
"When was the last time you got laid?" Tony asked.

Everyone started whistling and moaning at his question. I rolled my eyes. How long had it been? It was already Spring Break and I had sex on New Years Eve! "Has it been that long?"! I thought to myself. I'd been busy with school and working that I hadn't given it much thought.

Another chant of "Do it!!" filled the room. Then Tony spoke again.

"No pressure babe! We are an even number of people here, but if you don't want to join, then some lucky girl gets a bonus and ends up with two guys!" Everyone started laughing and Red piped up,

"Hey I'm cool with that. Bring it!"

I stood up and grabbed the bottle of tequila and took a quick swig. As my throat burned from the Jose Cuervo, I placed the bottle on the table and exclaimed, "I'm in!" The room erupted in cheers!

Tony collected the guys name tags and put them in a cereal bowl and mixed them up. "Ok. We have three bedrooms so one couple will end up in the living room but it's a damn comfortable couch!"

Camila piped up, "No way baby. If I'm getting down and dirty I need a bedroom."

Don, who was the polite, quiet one, offered to take the couch if whoever drew his name was ok with it. Tony shook the bowl and placed it in front of Red. All the girls had put their bras back on but we sat there mostly half dressed.

"Close your eyes and reach in and pull out a name," he instructed.

She closed her eyes and reached in hoping to draw Tim's name tag while saying, "Come on Tim! You know you want that fine body pressed against mine right now!"
She was saying exactly what us girls were all thinking. The four of us would of picked Tim if it was left to us to choose. Sitting there shirtless in his tight boxer briefs only reinforced the fact even more. She pulled out a name tag and it was Tony. Everyone laughed as Red found Tony a bit obnoxious sometimes.

"Hey baby, I'm not as sexy as Tim but I promise to please you tonight!" he told her confidently. She laughed and replied, "you better, mother fucker!"

She handled her disappointment at not drawing Tim's name out of the bowl pretty well. The room was in a frenzy as the bowl was passed down to Camila who reached in the bowl. She closed her eyes and everyone knew she had a crush on Tim and surely she was secretly praying to draw his name from the bowl. She reached in and pulled out Don's name. Everyone cheered as she displayed the name tag for everyone to see. Even though they were opposites, they complimented each other well and I for one thought they would make a cute couple. Don was cute, toned, and very intelligent.

The bowl was passed down to Lizzie. This was the last draw since when she picked her name tag, I would end up with whoever's name was still in the bowl. Everyone was crazed in anticipation as she reached in. It was between goofy farm boy Big Head Todd and hot as hell Tim and his washboard abs. She pulled out the name tag and held on to it building up the drama and anticipation as I waited with bated breath. She cusped the name tag in her hand and looked at it. We all knew who the name was before she shouted it out, as her face and eyes were lit up. "Tim!"

She turned it to show us all the name tag as everyone burst out. I looked over at Todd and he gave me a wink. Tony, eager to get started on his night with Red, spoke up, "Ok everyone I get my room and you all can fight it out for the other two!"

We ended up drawing straws for the two rooms that were left and the couple with the short straw would end up on the couch. This led to more competitive drama but Todd picked the middle straw and so he and I got one of the available rooms.
Tony had gone into one of the rooms in the house and he returned with a huge box filled with condoms which I figured he must of purchased at Costco or SAMS Club, it was so big.

"Ok everyone! Grab one or ten of these," Tony told us, placing the box on the table. He continued, "Get your game on and let's have some fun!!"

There was cheers and whistles from the group as he disappeared with Red in hand, down the hall and into his bedroom.


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