Todd and I walked into the dark room and sat on the half made bed belonging to one of Tony's roommates. I'll admit I was feeling a bit awkward. Picking name tags was actually fun, but the reality was setting in about what the game was actually about, which was having random sex. I was being a bit prudish and I forced myself to relax and enjoy the moment.

"I asked you out a couple times," Todd said. "Since you had no interest in going out with me I don't expect you to go through with anything tonight" he reassured me.

It was a sweet gesture. I told him that it wasn't that I didn't have an interest. I was just so busy with school and work to have any social time. I hadn't been out with anyone since New Years Eve.

"So then you're ok with this?" he asked softly which I actually appreciated instead of throwing himself on me. Todd was sweet and soft spoken but with a good sense of humor and very personable. He was six feet, four inches tall and had a mane of blonde curly hair that almost made him appear like a bobble head doll. There was a goofiness to him but he had a sweet round face. The girls at work talked about how he got around with some of the wait staff as well as some of our customers. Like many of us there, he was young and looking to have a good time while going to school.

"Yes. I'm fine with this," I reassured him as he leaned in to kiss me. We were already mostly undressed from the poker game and he did have a nice lean, smooth hairless body. I'll admit that he was a good kisser too which got me turned on in the moment. He reached behind me as our lips were interlocked and he undid my bra as my breasts fell out fully exposed to him. Then a wave of doubt came over me. I thought to myself.

What if the others were playing a trick on me?

Were they just kidding around seeing how far is go along with this game?
The situation felt so unreal to me. I covered my bare tits and told Todd to wait a second. I stood up and opened the bedroom door. I peeked into the hall and I could hear loud moans in the room next door. "Fuck yes Tony, oh god fuck yes!" It was Red getting it on with Tony. I went out further down the hall to see what was happening in the living room. Sitting there on the couch was Tim with his gorgeous abs and his head leaned back as he was getting a blow job from Lizzy who was on her knees happily sucking his cock.

There were light moans coming down the hall from the other room where Don and Camila ended up and I felt assured that I wasn't being played by these guys. They were all actually going through with it. I retreated back into the bedroom.

Todd had taken off his boxers and was laying on his side on the bed waiting for me to return. That's when I had an epiphany. I always wondered how he got his moniker, Big Head Todd. I thought it was because his big curly mane made his head look disproportionately bigger than his tall slender body. Or maybe he was a fan of the rock band Big Head Todd and the Monsters? I wasn't sure why the others referred to him by that nickname. But as he lay there naked in bed, it began to make sense how he got his title and how the girls at work had giggled when his name came up. It became apparent at that moment that his name was in reference to his big cock which was now semi rigid perking up from between his legs. It was without a doubt the biggest I had seen, standing there half erect like a lighthouse guiding me in the darkness. I lay down next to him and we resumed our kissing as his big hand squeezed my tits while propping himself up with his other arm. I lost myself in his kiss and his touch as he used his finger to circle my nipples and in between my breasts making his way down my abdomen and below my waist. He reached my wetness and with a slow, delicate motion, he slid his finger inside me turning it in circles, sending chills up my body.
Blinds I closed my eyes and I thought out loud while lost in the moment, "this is fun!" He agreed with me as he continued to use his finger making me hornier while he twirled it gently inside me, still kissing me long and hard. He pulled his finger out from inside me and reached for my hand and placed it on his huge stiff cock. He was long and thick and I could barely get my hand all the way around it as I began sliding up and down his hardness as soft moans escaped from both of us. I propped myself up and leaned over licking the well defined mushroom head and kissed it as I put him in my mouth. I bobbed up and down taking him in a bit more each time but I knew it was impossible to take all of him. My deep throating skills were amateur at best and tonight was not the night to attempt to take all of him in my mouth no matter how tasty it looked. He laid flat on his back as I had both hands wrapped around him stroking in a slow rhythmic pace until I could taste his salty precum.

My previous experiences were limited as I had only been with three men in the past, but I couldn't help being amazed by Todd's long rigid tool. I would have told him how incredible and magnificent it was but I didn't want to feed his ego. I looked up at him and he had a sly grin knowing that he'd seen that same look I had on other girls faces that had been with him before me. I let go to look at this big fleshy organ in front of me, well groomed and fully erect by now. It was pale and had a thick vein coursing along the shaft from the base to just below the well defined head. I placed my hands on his upper thighs and leaned down and used my tongue to outline the vein up and down his cock which was shiny from my saliva. I could tell this drove him crazy by the moans which escaped from deep inside him. Todd was so hard he could of pierced a concrete wall with the dagger between his legs and the anticipation between us was boiling over. He grabbed me from my arm pits and pulled me up to him, eager to kiss me as I felt his manhood pressed against my thigh. He pinned me back again kissing my rock hard nipples making his way down my body, sending shivers up my spine as he reached my gushing cunt. He started licking it with his long tongue flicking it as he found my quivering clit. He took his time going down on me until I felt an intense wave of pleasure run through my body and for the first time in my young life I experienced my first orgasm from cunnilingus.

This curly-headed, corn fed farm boy from Nebraska, whose flirtations and requests to take me out I had rejected, was making me feel things my body hadn't felt before. His face was covered in my fluids but he continued to work his magical tongue on me forcing me to clench the sheets on the bed which I was going to rip to shreds if he continued much longer. Todd finally came up for air and looked down at me again with that cocky look on his face knowing he had conquered his quest. He was kneeling in front of me, my body tingling and shuddering as I caught my breath from the tongue lashing he had given me. He pulled me by my legs towards him and spread them apart and his massive member was pointing straight up, hungry and ready to ravage my body. He leaned down to kiss me as I tasted myself on him and then leaned back positioning himself in front of me while stretching out the condom over his pulsating rod. His long smooth torso towered over me and I felt him start to enter me. He had a firm grip of my hips, my vaginal lips spread open wide as he pushed the head of his cock inside me.

Uncontrolled sounds of passion slipped from my mouth, noises I had never made before. He was unhurried, taking his time and with each gentle thrust I felt slight pain and discomfort which was quickly followed by euphoria. Back and forth he went in small spurts, driving a little deeper each time, aided by both my natural lubrication and the lube from the condom itself. My face was flush, my skin was sweltering, and my body was shivering with each plunge until I felt his heavy balls hit my ass. I had taken all of him inside me and any pain I'd felt had dissipated into complete gratification. He pulled most of himself out and then drove his big dick deep into me again. The thrusts were now longer and he was building up a steady rhythm seemingly going deeper hitting my G spot each time. My legs were wrapped around him and my hands were on his ass pulling him towards me. Todd was not very vocal except for his moans and grunts, letting his big white cock do the talking. But I couldn't help myself. I was spewing out obscenities from my lips, "Oh fuck! Oh god. Fuck yes! Oh fuck yeah!"

His tempo intensified into a frantic but controlled cadence and every fiber in my body was ignited. Another round of expletives involuntarily slipped my mouth and I felt my toes curl while my eyes rolled back into my head. My nails were now embedded into his back as I couldn't suppress myself any longer letting out a wail of unadulterated gratification.

This goddamned, corn eating motherfucker did it again, making me cum even harder than before. Todd's magnificent member was unfazed as he continued hammering my pussy with authority.

He pulled out and flipped me over on my stomach, his mighty prick and the condom gleaming from my sexual fluids. He grabbed my hips pulling me towards him as I was in a kneeling position, my ass up, and my head pressed down on the bed. He impaled me from behind as my pussy was now conformed to his thick size and he slid nice and easy inside me. This position offered different sensations and he seemed to reach new depths inside me if that was even possible. Our bodies were glistening with sweat as Todd regained a steady cadence while taking me from behind and once again my body was rewarded with a rush of ecstasy as my orgasms were becoming an embarrassment of riches.

Finally Todd's guttural sounds increased and became louder and he pulled out filling up the condom with so much jizz I thought it was going to explode on the bed. I felt him shake in satisfaction and he fell next to me gasping and out of breath. We took a moment to gather ourselves then he kissed me and got up to clean off and dispose of the rubber. When he returned I was still a useless, worn out, quivering mess but completely satisfied. He lay back down propping his head up as we giggled and joked a bit, bringing some levity to the serious fucking that had just taken place.

"So how was it?" he asked with his devious grin.

Todd was still young, and a man who is confident in his sexual prowess would not have to ask that question. But he knew the good work he'd done and he was the type whose ego needed to be fed. I refused to give in.

"It was nice," I told him with an even demeanor.

"Just nice?" he retorted surprised by my casual response.

"Okay. Very nice!"

My lack of indulging him with praise got to him but at the same time aroused him further. Perhaps he wanted to prove himself again, although he certainly did not have to. His youthful exuberance was on display as his dick was hard again. This time it was more obvious of what I'd been dealing with as the morning light began creeping through the window blinds shining upon his giant erection. Todd and I would have another unforgettable go at it leaving me fully satiated for many days after.

The mid morning traffic was light as most people were at their jobs by now while I rode home in the backseat of a cab. I was still basking in the afterglow of the previous few hours. It would be one of my most memorable experiences ever. Not just because of the thorough fucking I received from Todd which was unforgettable, but because of the name tag game that led to it and being around sexually open people who were having fun. It personally opened my mind up quite a bit and it made me view sex in a different way.

The next time I went to work was a couple days after that night and there was a bit of gossip amongst the girls. I was asked by them about Big Head Todd and if his reputation that preceded him was true. I smiled and winked and felt it was better for those that were asking, to find out on their own, like I did. The thing I liked most was that everyone went about their business and no one displayed regrets in regards to that night of casual sexual fun. We all continued to get along and went on with our routines almost as if nothing happened. Although I wasn't present, there was another round of the name tag game played on another night several months later at Tony's home which involved some of the new staff working at the bar during the summer.

As for me and Todd, well we did hook up a couple times in the following months and while memorable, it still didn't resonate with me as much as the night of the name tag party. I sometimes wonder what happened to Todd, Tim, Red and the rest of the people I worked with at the sports bar. I never did get to play with Tim's amazing wash board abs although Lizzy loved to gloat about how amazing he was that night of the party. Tim started dating a girl and was serious for awhile so the opportunity to hook up never happened. I worked at the bar for about a year and there was some crazy parties and a few hook ups during that time. I eventually finished school by the time I was 24 and not long after, I met my future husband. It was two years into our marriage that I recounted the name tag story for him and after he heard it, our sex life and marriage took a dramatic turn of seeking out new sexual adventures.

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