I always refer to a particular night when someone asks me how I became open-minded and got into the lifestyle. I wasn't married or seeing anyone at the time and I was newly single after a long, two-year, tumultuous relationship ended with a guy I'd been seeing during college. Although it wasn't technically a lifestyle experience, what happened that night opened my eyes and exposed me to open minded, casual, sexual fun.

I was finishing my last year in college and in order to earn some money, I worked mostly retail or low wage administrative jobs until a friend from school told me she worked at this new sports bar which had recently opened up. She told me she worked as a cocktail waitress and even on slow nights she cleared $100 in tips and made over twice that on busy nights! I was trying to keep down my school loans and needed to earn some good cash to keep up with my living expenses so on her recommendation, I applied and in no time, I was working at the bar.

She was right about the money and serving burgers and beers in a tight low cut top and short mini skirt increased my income exponentially. The owners of the bar wanted to provide a higher level of service and to draw both men and women to a traditionally male customer dominated venue, they hired cute guys to bartend and cute girls to waitress in order to get a wider mix of females and male clientele. My fellow co-workers were typically young, many were going to school and working part time, while others were working there full time while they figured out what they wanted to do with their lives. Just two months into my working at the sports bar I had become friends with several of my co-workers and I enjoyed hanging out with them after a work shift to have some drinks, play some pool, hang out, and unwind.

One night, there were several of us hanging out after one of my shifts, having some drinks and catching up with each other. Soon after it was last call, and one of the guys I worked with named Tony, invited us back to his house to continue partying. It was midweek during Spring Break so I didn't have to worry about class the next day and I decided to join everyone and stay up late.

Our group that night consisted of four guys and four of the girls from work. Tony, who was in his mid twenties, was the funny guy always telling jokes or funny anecdotes. He shared a three bedroom rental home with two roommates that were out of town for he week. Todd was there as well and he was a tall, slim, country boy from Nebraska with big curly locks on his head and a sweet round face. He wasn't as boisterous as Tony but was very personable. Don was the quiet, more reserved one and probably the smartest of our group. He was paying his way through school and would bartend at night while taking mechanical engineering classes during the day.

And rounding out the group of guys was Tim. He was the all American guy with a big wide smile, square jaw, great hair, pretty green eyes, and a very nice build. He wasn't huge but did have great muscle definition and filled up his shirts nicely. I would be lying if I said I hadn't noticed Tim and had a passing naughty thought or two about him. He was definitely a "player" and most of the girls I worked with had either bed him or wanted to be his next conquest.

As for the girls present that night besides myself, there was Red. She had dyed red hair and huge breasts and was one of the more popular waitresses at the bar. She was coming off a long term relationship that ended recently and had been hanging out with the group more often to keep her mind off her ex boyfriend.

Camila was a Puerto Rican bombshell with long dark straight hair, a full set of lips, pretty bronze skin color, and a sexy behind, that she liked to flaunt. She had a little girl she was raising as a single mother and rarely came out with us after her work shift. Tonight her daughter was with her baby daddy so Camila was able to come out and have some fun with the rest of us and let loose. The combination of her sexy walk and outgoing personality made her another favorite of many of our customers. Finally, there was Lizzy who was openly bisexual. She loved both men and women separately and together. Her stories of her sexy exploits from the previous night were a must hear for the staff that was on duty with her the following day. She was cute more than she was pretty but her sexual openness made her much more sexy and attractive to a lot of guys and even girls that came across her.

We convened at Tony's place and he had a fridge full of beer, liquor, and some pot which some of the gang partook in. A few of the guys and Lizzy were playing poker while I was in a corner chatting with Red and Tim about some of the people we encountered during our shift earlier at work. Tim had also made the rounds with some of the girls on staff and just like Todd had hooked up with some of our female customers. There was a story going around that he had been in a few threesomes with a couple of girls that were regulars at the bar. He exuded confidence more than cockiness as I checked out his big arms bulging through his short sleeve work shirt. Despite wearing Tom Hardy and Affliction brand T shirts that accentuated his nice body, Tim was a cool, laid back guy and less of a douche bag that his choice in clothing might suggest.

We were all in dressed in our work clothes which consisted of jeans and form fitting black T-shirts for the guys with the restaurant logo printed in the front. The girls wore short mini skirts with low cut, black sleeveless tops with the same logo, tied up around above the navel. Showing off a little skin didn't hurt especially when working for tips like we were. The owners of the place were big on name tags as a uniform standard and we always made sure to have them ready for work or be sent home and risk losing out on a shift. I kept mine in my purse while most of the guys kept them in their pockets.

While the three of us were talking and drinking our beers, Tony stood up from his seat at the poker table and challenged everyone in the room to join them for a game of strip poker. I nervously laughed but everyone made their way to the circular dining room table and they turned to look at me. I had some poker experience from playing with my brother and sister for fun when we were younger but wasn't very good at it.

"Come on, join us! It'll be fun!" they all encouraged me. After some pleading and feeling the liquid courage from a shot of tequila I'd had earlier, I pulled up a seat at the table to a chorus of cheers from my work mates. It had been so long since I played poker and I had never played before using my clothes as currency to gamble. Sure enough, half an hour later I was down to my bra and panties as everyone at the table was in various states of undress. Tim had taken off his shirt and all I could think of was hand washing my clothes on those wash board abs. He looked like one of those hunky models on the cover of fitness magazines you see at the check out lanes at the grocery store.

I was a bit self conscious cause if I was checking them out, I knew they were checking me out in my lacy bra and panties. Other than Tim, none of us had perfect bodies and I was surprised how secure I felt around these people even if I was in my underwear. Tony seemed to be winning most of the poker hands but even he joined in and would take off his clothes to be part of the fun even if he had the winning hand. He won another round and the next obvious article of clothes to come off for the girls were our bras. Red didn't hesitate and her bare 40DD's were soon on display garnering stares from all of us at the table due to their great size. Lizzy didn't hesitate either as she was not shy about her body or her much smaller but perky tits. She was bi so she was happy to get attention from all of us that were there. Camila stood up and rolled her eyes challenging the guys to pull down their underwear and show their cocks in the next round. She undid her red bra that matched her lipstick color and reversed her medium sized bouncy breasts. Everyone's attention turned to me as I reached behind me and unsnapped my bra and pulled it off giving the group a quick flash before covering my puppies with my forearm.

"34 or 36 maybe?" Tony asked trying to guess my cup size.

"36. C," I replied confidently and he smiled, proud of his guess which was very close.

Tony dealt the cards as it was past 4 in the morning by now and some of us were beginning to fade a bit from the late night and drinking. The room was clouded with pot and cigarette smoke and bottles and cans were strewn all over the kitchen, dining, and living areas of the house. Tony stood up to announce the last hand.

"If I win this round you can keep on whatever clothes u have left but only if we get to play a different game when we are done. Then you guys are more than welcome to crash out here afterwards."

We all looked at each other and shook our heads in agreement asking what the game was he had in his dirty little mind. He told us we had to agree and play the hand first and then he'd give us the details of his plan. Sure enough, we were no match for his poker playing skills and the rest of us were at the mercy of his whims. He stood up and announced what game he had planned.


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