By M of MandS

I recently had an experience and the way I reacted to it made me recognize something about myself and the lifestyle as a whole.
S and I were talking to another couple and hitting it off. They were around our age, good looking and interested in similar things. We exchanged pictures and chatted on Kik for two days. I think we were all excited about the idea of meeting.

Then, she asked to see a picture of my pussy. I quickly sent one of my best. She replied that she loved eating pussy and couldn’t wait to eat mine. The issue with this is that I am not bi.

Not even curious.

I know without a doubt that I am straight. I love cock. And while I can appreciate a beautiful woman’s body, it doesn’t turn me on unless it’s on top of (or underneath) my husband.

I am comfortable around bi women and never have a problem with a little kissing, dancing and petting. But when it comes time for action, I want a man.

So, I casually messaged back “So... I am not really bi. I am comfortable with women, but really prefer cock. Hope it’s not a deal breaker, lol”.

The response I got was “Well...IDK...we prefer that everyone plays. Well, not the guys. But the girls.” This was followed up by “Good luck finding what you are looking for.” And a notification that XXX has left the conversation.

I was stunned and dumbfounded. First of all, I have never portrayed myself as bi. So I am not sure why she made that assumption. I also felt like it was such an abrupt ending to a conversation that had been going on for 2 days. Now I am the first person to tell someone if it’s not going to work. I don’t want to waste my time or theirs. But I felt like she just dismissed us in a very rude manner.

My first reaction was “Oh yeah, just another girl looking for girl-on-girl action”. I started feeling defensive. Not every woman in the lifestyle is bi (even if seems like it sometimes) and there is nothing wrong with me. Then I started to think about what she said. They prefer “everyone” to play. But not the guys, just the girls. So that isn’t really everyone, now is it? I am not looking for guy-on-guy play, just pointing out a fact.

I wanted to tell her that we have found exactly what we are looking for, time and time again. To us, swinging is partner swapping. Maybe she should just look for girls and not couples if that is her thing. Then it hit me…I was being just as intolerant as I thought she had been.

My kink may not be your kink and that’s ok.

If you like girls, that’s cool. If you like guys, that’s cool.

Want to wear a collar? Fine by me.

But I am in the lifestyle for good old fashioned fucking. I try to make that as clear as possible but if something gets blurred along the way, I’ll clarify it.

We like to play together or separate and I know not everyone is comfortable with this. We like meeting single guys, not everyone does. We aren’t into lengthy pic and video swapping or endless Kik chatting. But a lot of people are. And that's all ok.

Do I wish this situation would have gone differently? Yes.

Do I think it would have had any different outcome? No.

It was just a reminder to me to be a little slower to jump to judgement and to try and remember that other’s likes and dislikes are not a personal attack on me. We are all in this lifestyle because we are looking for something outside of what society considers to be "normal". Just try to be a little tolerant and don’t judge others based on their interest (or lack thereof) in something. It’s something we could all use a reminder of from time to time, I am sure.

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