With my back pressed against the arm of the couch, her dark eyes became liquid pools of yearning. Her lips moistened by her tongue, slowly pressing her lips against the inside of my thigh. Holy Shit! A new round of sensations flowed through me and I felt myself become tense with desire. Her tongue flicked out and the wetness became heat as she followed the line up the inside of my thigh. Her fingers became still as her tongue drew closer. Leaving a trail of wetness, she teased me as she brushed by my panties, not touching me, just breathing heavy heat onto me. Her lips found my other thigh as her fingers found my swollen clit. As she reached my knee with her mouth, her fingers slid my panties down ever so slightly. Teasing me with her finger, she did something I had only imagined.

As her immensely intense gaze held me hostage, her little pink tongue flicked out to taste my wetness that coated her finger. Her eyes closed in what can only be described as the look of heaven as the taste of me hit her tongue. The deep clench on my thigh made me gulp as I watched her face become flushed with pleasure. As her eyes slowly opened, they held my gaze as her face once again descended to my thigh. Just as I thought she was once again going to pass by, she ever so gently grabbed onto my panties with her teeth and tugged them further down my legs.

The anticipation that consumed me showed in my shaky hands as I reached for her hand. With interlaced fingers, she held my hand down as she began to trace my bikini line with her tongue. My heart was now racing as she took her first taste of me and my quick intake of breath made me light headed. Intentionally she devoured me, slowly, teasing, taunting, consuming me as I began to peak. The intensity of my orgasm had my body shaking, my hips straining to reach her mouth that was already pressed against me. My clit throbbing with each wave that came over me, unable to make out the sounds that were coming from my throat, my orgasm seemed to never want to end.

Releasing me from her mouth, she looked up at me with a sheepish grin and slowly licked her moist lips.

“How was that?”

All I could do is continue an attempt to slow my breathing and smile.

I soon found a glass of cool water in my hand, drinking like I was in a desert, I thanked her for the coolness, and realized the only thing askew were my panties. She asked if I would like to take a dip in the pool. We ventured towards the pool, while I enjoyed the last remaining threads of my orgasm. Clothing was not an option, she informed me, and so I quickly shed my clothing and jumped in. The water was refreshing against my flushed skin. I soon found myself staring up at this gorgeous woman that had just rendered me senseless. Her petite curvaceous frame, caramel colored skin glistening, with breasts that were tear drop in shape, with dark nipples, she made my mouth water and my body come back to life. I found myself drawn to her as she lowered herself into the pool. I couldn’t help but slowly trace my hands up her arms, lightly circling her neck as I grasped the nape of her hair; I dipped in for my first taste of her skin. My lips couldn’t get enough of her. As I looked up at her, I grabbed onto her hair a little tighter as I kissed her parted lips. Our tongues once again dancing, hands finding places to touch, I pressed her up against the edge of the pool as my mouth explored her breasts. Breathing heavy, she asked if I wanted to taste her, and all I could do was nod my head.

We soon found our way back to the house where she led me to her bedroom. I showered off quickly then found myself astonished by what she held. She beckoned me to lie down. I obeyed quickly, eagerly excited for what she was about to do. On the bedside table stood a bowl of strawberries, a can of whipped cream, a blindfold and in her hand she held a red tie. As I lay on the bed, she straddled me, taking my breasts into her mouth; she brought them quickly to hard peaks. I attempted to reach out to her, but to only realize that this was her show. I wasn’t going to get away with being shy, nor was I going to be able to do as I pleased. As she placed her warm pussy against my abdomen, she slowly rocked back and forth on top of me as she grabbed my wrists and tied them to the head board. After what seemed like forever, she turned around and made her way up me, slowly lowering onto my watering mouth. She tasted like the sweetest honey fresh from the hive! As my mouth learned the ins and outs of her delicious nectar, I found that she enjoyed my tongue traveling from her wet little hole up the backside of her delicious ass.

Abruptly she got off of my now wet face, and blindfolded me. Two of my five senses were now useless. What was she doing to me? It was driving me crazy not being able to see or touch. I soon felt a coldness against my nipple, and it proceeded to travel up my chest, towards my mouth. My tongue reached out for it, as she passed the strawberry over my eager mouth, it continued down towards the other nipple before I felt the coldness of it passing over my navel. Now teasing my clit, she replaced the coldness with the warmth of her mouth and my hips bucked to meet her. This sweet torture lasted for what seemed hours, when in fact it was only a short time when I heard that unmistakable sound of vibration. Teasing me with the slightest touch, she hid the sound from me to only be replaced by the sound of the whipped cream. Oh my was that cold!! This onslaught of heat and cold had me shaking in pleasure. There was that buzzing again, what was she doing with that? “Open your mouth.” And I did. “Give me your tongue.” And out it came. I now tasted what she had been doing with that vibrator.

She asked me if I wanted to see, and of course I did! Off came the blindfold and I watched her as she used that vibrator on her beautiful sweet pussy. I asked to have my hands back, and she willingly obliged. With my hands freed, it was my turn to pin her to the bed. Mimicking what she had already done to me, I found her pressing towards me, encouraged by the sounds that escaped her parted lips, my fingers joined in on the onslaught of her sweetness. Once again, my tongue reached for her ass, and I was met with an eagerness that would have impressed even the Queen. As her orgasm began to build, I could feel myself become increasingly aroused. Her hands reached for my own ass, and I slowly turned towards her. Those tiny little fingers soon found my clit, and she had me forgetting what I was doing. Gasping for breath, my mouth found its way back to her clit. Copying her movements on my clit with my tongue, we both reached for each other as our orgasms seemed to near. As my finger entered her tight little ass, her hips became elevated and her moans became louder. My body was racing to match hers and together we made each other reach the sun, moon, and stars all at once.

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