It all began as an innocent inquiry that would take shape in my not so innocent mind. What would it be like to feel my lips pressed against hers? How would my fingers feel grazing across her skin? Would she be soft, and willing? Would her breasts mold to my hands, or would they remain that perfect perky shape as my mouth found their hard peak? Would she be as soft inside, as I feel to myself? What would she taste like?

It started out as a flirtation of “wives” back in the AOL chat room days, with our husbands at the helm, each of their fantasies played out before both of our unknowing eyes. Unknowingly aware, we were each speaking with the other's male half. No photos were exchanged, no voice verification, no subtle innuendos, no ages: just "He, let's meet up and see if we like each other." She was described as small and petite, at only five feet tall, with perky breasts, dark hair and an amazing ass. That description didn’t even begin to explain the exotic woman that showed up before my amazed eyes.

There I was: twenty-one years old, shy, unsure, unknowing, and worried that someone that I’m not going to be attracted to would show up. Sitting alone in the local mall eatery, I waited with sweaty palms, tapping feet and a racing heart for her. We have exchanged what each of us would be wearing so we would be able to identify the other.

Suddenly, I’m approached by this dark haired beauty that I felt in in no way could be her, but much to my astonishment she speaks my name. I have never heard my name flow over lips that way before; the sexuality that escaped her mouth with just the simplicity of my name hit me like a wave.

She was exotic and breathtakingly beautiful. Her dark eyes beckoned me to fall into their depths. Her skin was a gorgeous shade of tan that glistened like she’d just stepped out of the sun. Her lips, full, with a slight tilt at the corners and that subtle hint of "I want to eat you up", smiled back at me.

I stood up, a full six inches taller than her, as my breasts came to rest right at her eye level. She looked like she wanted to take my shirt off right there!

Small talk ensued. We found a comfort that only friends find after time. For some reason she was exactly what I knew I wanted to experience for my first time with another woman. She had the confidence to make my shyness disappear and the ability to render me senseless at the same time.

She was thirty-one, ten years older than me. She had only ever been with one female before, but she knew she wanted to experience more. I had never even touched another woman, but I was as curious as a newborn colt. I followed her on shaky legs as we headed to our vehicles for me to follow her home.

The drive was fifteen long minutes, but during that amount of time I felt every single bump in the road, every single whoosh of a car that drove by, and my palms didn’t stop sweating.

It was a typical California summer, and she had a pool that we were going back to her house to enjoy. The pool looked inviting, but the air-conditioning cooled my hot skin. We sat down with a drink in hand and conversation seemed to flow effortlessly until I felt her warm fingers play with the inside of my calf. The tingling that followed the trail that she led was unlike anything I had ever felt. My skin became alive as her fingers played me like a well-tuned violin.

My mouth became dry as my breath became shallow. My eyes followed her fingers as they traveled up my leg, inside my thigh, and back down to the backside of my knee. Oh my lord what was this woman doing to me?

My legs began to shake from the intensity of the feelings rushing through them. Slowly, as my eyes followed, her fingers traced their way higher up my thigh. My palms began to sweat, and my mind was starting to go blank. As her finger lightly brushed against my panty line, I forgot to breathe.

Her dark ebony eyes held mine as her finger became bolder. Pushing my panties aside, her finger found my lips. Softly she teased me, her fingernail tracing a line between inside and out. Her tongue flickered out to moisten her own lips and I found myself mimicking her. As she leaned over, brushing her lips against mine, her finger found my wetness. Our tongues touched for the first time and her sweetness rendered me senseless.

I was lost in the profound way that her mouth devoured mine. She tasted like the sweetest strawberry fresh picked from the field. Her finger soon became slick with my wetness as she pressed into me. My tightness was met with her gasp of astonishment. The way she was now licking her lips let me know she wanted more.

She slowly teased me, just barely entering me, using my own wetness as she played with my clit. I was quickly entering the no-way-back zone. She kissed me again, deeper than before, our tongues playing this game of enchantment.

She pulled back and asked me: “May I?” I didn’t know what she wanted, but I quickly said "Yes!"

Boy did I really not know what she meant. I quickly found myself pushed back against the couch, about to start a ride that I would never—nor could ever—forget!


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