Ah, pornography. It's become an important part of closed-door society for many couples and individuals today. There's something out there for everyone...threesomes, MILFs, orgies, furries, oh my!

For me and my husband, however, amateur porn is our absolute favorite. It's real, it's usually poorly edited, and it makes us feel like we are just voyeurs enjoying a great show happening in front of us. Anytime we watch it together it gets us hot and ready for just about anything.

Since my husband and I have decided to open our marriage, however, amateur porn has inadvertently taken a back seat in our realm of foreplay options. We find that telling stories of our extracurricular activities gets us hot enough to have hours of fun in the bedroom! While this is obviously much better for us in general, I couldn't help but miss the past days of watching porn together.

Then I met Robert. He's a single male living in this wonderful swinger lifestyle, and he owns a DSLR camera. The first time I met up with him for an encounter, he pulled out his gorgeous camera and asked me if I would mind if he took pictures and even video of all the lovely and sweaty things we were about to do. I smiled and probably shouted "OF COURSE IT WOULD BE OKAY!"

It was perfect...I would bring home the best amateur porn my husband had ever seen, starring his favorite fuck buddy: his wife!

When Robert emailed them all to me that evening, the pictures were gorgeous and the video was even better. It was all from his perspective and I watched it over and over again. I couldn't wait to share it all with my husband. I got up from the desk and tucked my laptop under my arm.

My husband was watching tv in the other room. I walked in with a purpose and blocked the tv, just staring at him with a big dumb smile spread across my face. He stared back at me and we both waited for the other one to say something, as is our way when one of us does something intrusive like this. I didn't last as long, as I started giggling like a little girl (as I often do). I opened up my laptop and plopped it down in his lap, telling him in between giggles to hit play. He hesitated, but did as I asked, and I watched his eyes get huge (among other things) as he relished every second.

When it was over, he looked up at me, then back at the laptop, then back at me, beckoned for me to sit with him, then we watched it together and he made me tell him every detail about what I was feeling through the entire video.

Then the sex we had afterwards.

The. Sex. Definitely the best sex we've ever had.

He made me promise to do it again so we could enjoy it, and every chance I get I do just that. I made him promise to do the same when he plays alone. It's the greatest verbal agreement we've ever made together.

Porn is now back in our lives, and it's hotter than anything we've ever found online. The more fantasies we live out for each other, the hotter it is for our own sex lives.

It's great to live out your wildest fantasies, but it's even better to watch yourself do so over and over again in the comfort of your own home!

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