I thought that I had it all figured out... My husband had a great first experience at a swinger’s club and I was on my way to getting the open relationship that I had asked him for. That was until I snuck away early on a Saturday morning to meet my roofer for a quick blowjob. Oops! I guess I should’ve looked in my rearview mirror instead of using the mirror to put my makeup on and maybe I would’ve seen my husband following me!

As I left the roofer and had to confront my husband outside, I just knew that my marriage was over. He was so angry with me... hell, I was angry with me! I mean, we were working things out and I just blew it! And all for a blowjob that lasted about 3 minutes! The excitement was there, but it wasn’t exciting enough to throw away my marriage.

All day long, I contemplated about what I was going to tell my family when they heard the news that I was getting divorced. I cried on my way home as I called my dad (a Baptist minister) and told him of my infidelity and the impending divorce. I mean, there was no way my husband would stay married to me after he caught me red-handed!
We sat down that night and talked about everything. I was honest with him about how I was feeling and he brought up the idea of an open relationship that I had asked him for the previous week. He was confused as to how it would work. Would there be jealousy? Were we supposed to tell the other if we were planning on going out with someone else? Can we do things as a couple too? So many questions, and neither of us had the answers, but just talking about it was a huge step in the right direction!

A couple of weeks later, we went back to Trapeze as a couple. It wasn’t as busy as it usually is on a Saturday, but we met a couple and decided to go with them to the back. My husband took charge with the woman and I was shocked at how turned on I got while I watched him with her. She had amazing nipples and I couldn’t keep my mouth off of them (and I’m usually not into girls, but it was so hot watching them together that my body went into a sexual over-drive).

After we played with this couple for our first ever full swap, we went into the couples room for a little one-on-one action in the corner. And then, after we got home at 2am, we had probably the best sex that either of us has EVER had! My pussy was dripping wet as he fucked me over the next 2 hours and I lost count of how many orgasms I had. We even watched some porn together! Another first for us.

It’s been only a few weeks since all of this happened and we have grown so much during this short amount of time. We are now a couple on Quiver, and we look at all of your sexy profiles together each night. We are also talking about sex on a daily basis, trying to figure out what we are looking for in partners and in each other. We have been married for 8 years and never even knew that we both enjoyed watching porn! We have been showing each other the types of porn that get us off and of course, that leads to sex! I have had sex with my husband more times than I can count and I love it! We are even getting it on at 4am... just spontaneous sex whenever we are feeling it!

This has been so amazing that I don’t know if I will be “playing single” much anymore. Having a partner who is on-board with this lifestyle makes it so much more exciting! It is more difficult to find other couples that want to play with us as a couple and not just as a single male or single female, but the sex is so much hotter when my husband takes part that I don’t mind waiting for the right couple to come along!

Here’s to great sex and great friendships to all of you in the Quiver world! I’ll drink to that!

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