She is LADY and had been involved in numerous unfulfilling relationships throughout her significantly shorter life. A product of an unorthodox but financially well off childhood and upbringing, she struggled to find the happiness and fulfillment adult life was advertised to include.

Each time she expected her dreams to come true, each time she found herself wishing to wake up and escape the reality which never seemed to satisfy her cravings. She too was trapped between the layers of "what is" and "what could be", uncertain of how to find it, and honestly, not entirely certain what "it" was that she was seeking. None of the acceptable norms seemed to satisfy her. She hated boys her own age, finding them both annoying and unreliable. Though socially unacceptable, she had always had an attraction to older men. Not ancient men, but those who seemed to be more "put together" mentally and emotionally. She enjoyed the thought of comfort she'd find in the arms of someone who would be far less interested in the latest video games or sporting match and much more focused on the arts and the world around them; someone who could be just as comfortable at walking the riverside in a state park as they would be in the front row attending the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. This quiet comfort and worldliness was the secret she sought to find in her future yet currently mysterious life companion.

As previously noted, the advent of the internet has changed the world in which we exist, both for those living within the shadows as well as for those living without. LADY sought security and understanding. I sought adventure and openness. Fortunately, my resubmergence into the dating world just so happened to coincide with LADY's decision to do the same. I'll not go into the mechanics of exactly where and through what path we each took to discover each other, but the conclusion was that we each happened to have profiles on the same site. I contacted her, she responded, and as the old axiom goes, one thing led to another, and we've lived happily ever after least for the most part.

Entering into a new relationship from the perspective of total and open honesty from the get go makes for an incredibly wide field of dialogue to discuss. Truly learning and understanding the ins and outs of the others behaviors, beliefs, quirks and oddities will provide you some of the most amazing insight to the way the human mind and soul work in harmony to both nurture the individual, as well as the relationship in the ways each need the most. Our earliest discussions pertained to who we felt we each were as individuals, where we had been, what we had seen and the lessons we learned from those experiences. We learned of each others trials and tribulations, the origins of each others scars, both seen and unseen and the understanding and wisdom that comes with addressing wounds that remained open. We learned about triumphs and betrayals and walls we had each hit, expecting never to make it over. During these discussions, we truly discovered each other for the very first time. Like any living and breathing thing, the conversation evolved as it continued into our dreams, our wishes and those inner words we know by heart yet never release for fear of rejection. We laid upon our backs beneath the stars staring into the heavens and questioned why it was that we voluntarily chose to live the life prescribed for us by others, without question, without hesitation or reservation. We questioned our own happiness, whether it was from the heart, or the minds assessment of the completeness of our replication of the "ideal relationship."

It was during these conversations that I first relayed my interest in a non-traditional relationship to LADY. Ironically, between the two of us, only she had experienced anything outside of what would have been considered a Vanilla relationship, having once experienced the kiss and touch of another lady while much younger in her youth. Possibly due to that, but most likely due to her open ended perspective on life and the many possibilities available to us as a product of such, she received the suggestion with a mild curiosity. At the time of this discussion, our relationship was young and we had many mountains to climb and valleys to cross before the sign marking the swinging bridge would read "open."


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