“Would you ever consider a threesome?”

Believe it or not, she didn’t ask the question rhetorically. We were barely breaking into the first few months of a new relationship and it was that deliriously exciting time when your heart dances around inside your chest and your brain hungers for more information about your new lover. We were gathering carnal knowledge at every opportunity, eating each other up as one does when he or she has been starving for affection.

My lover is not a jaded person. She hasn’t fallen into the dismal belief that the entire world is shit, and she hasn’t quite accepted that all human beings are basically animals who have gotten really good at figuring out complicated ways to get off. So when she first asked me about bringing another woman into the bedroom, she genuinely believed there was a chance I wouldn’t be interested. It was fucking adorable.

So the question was asked and the seed was planted, but it would be a while before that seed received any water or sunlight. The threesome imagery became a pretty consistent element in our dirty talk, at first. We’d be holding each other tightly, thrusting and swerving our hips as hands and mouths migrated wherever they wanted, and then I would lean over and whisper in her ear.

“I want to see you bury your face in another woman, while I fuck you from behind.”

I’d utter the words like a magic spell, allowing the image to play itself out on the back of her closed eyelids as I would thrust deeper and hold her tighter. She’d beg me to tell her more and I would nibble on her ear, making her wait and letting the excitement build.


“I want you to straddle my cock while she sits on my face so the two of you can kiss and touch each other.”

I should note that at this point, “she” was a creature of our individual imaginations. My lover probably imagined one of her best friends. The woman in my mind took on an amorphous form; her face didn’t matter as much as the fact that she was facilitating a heightened sexual experience for my partner and me.

We would revisit this theme countless times in the coming months, during talks both casual and dirty. Much later, we were looking up locations to get a couple’s massage together. Needless to say, that particular Google search ended in the discovery of the closest sex club.

Being natural exhibitionists, the concept of a designated space for getting publicly freaky was tantalizing, to say the least. We talked about it now and then and eventually gathered up the gumption to attend “School Girl Night” at the local swinger’s club. My lady went full-bore, authentic Catholic schoolgirl. Not one of those cheap costumes with the plaid skirt... she looked like she literally just left the principal’s office.

That first time at the club, we didn’t interact with anyone else except to put on a show for them. We were shy and totally uninformed about the scene and we didn’t want to break any rules of etiquette so it was easier to stick to ourselves and take in the scene.

The next time we attended the club was a different story. I’ll never forget sitting next to my beautiful partner as she got double teamed by two gorgeous females and their respective toys. Every time we attended the club, her natural beauty and hypnotizing allure drew a distinct spotlight to us, and we loved the attention.


Ever since, we have only added to our experiences of ecstasy. We’ve shared our bedroom with other couples and delighted in voyeurism. We’ve expressed the outer limits of our fantasies to one another with zero hesitation and we’ve both been embraced for our sexuality. It is a truly beautiful thing.

We haven’t done full swap yet, though it seems to be right around the corner with a couple we recently met. Right now we are actively pursuing a girlfriend... someone we can share our experience of love and lust with. I think one of the most satisfying things has been exploring the Lifestyle community through Quiver. There we have found a very genuine, encouraging atmosphere and we have gained insight about ourselves as a result of tossing our reservations to the side.

It is a priceless thing to be able to talk openly with your partner about fantasies and desires. It is even more invaluable to be able to engage in those conversations with other couples and individuals without fear of jealousy. We love posting our pictures and naughty thoughts in a public forum, sharing them with others and discovering the common ground we all share. Being in the Lifestyle, and in particular finding a corner of the world where people are authentic and loving, has allowed us to make our fantasies a reality, and to understand one another with so much more depth and honesty.

Ironically, we haven’t yet had the threesome that originally started it all. But we are currently accepting applications from enthusiastic unicorns!

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