You never really know a person when you start dating. When I met him, I didn't know how much I could share about myself. At first, he came off as very proper. No speaking of bedroom business outside of the bedroom. But little by little I showed him how fun and exciting being outside of the box could be.

Unbeknownst to him at the time, I was intensely voyeuristic. I love watching porn. I love anything and everything about sex. I never mentioned it because I wanted to remain a “classy” lady in his eyes.

As the years have gone by, we have explored every aspect of each other that we possibly could. The thought of bringing another person into our sex games never crossed our minds, until one normal night. We were flipping through channels, looking for something to watch. A documentary about the swinging lifestyle was on. We both looked at each other and said "Why not?"

We were so intrigued by what we saw that we immediately searched for more episodes of this show. We never really talked about the subject to one another; it seemed as if it was just a curiosity that was satisfied with just watching it on TV. Months passed. Nothing more was mentioned.

One day, he brought up a website he had heard about: Quiver. He had already set up an account, but the profile was bare. He showed it to me and I just smiled. I asked him if he was sure this was what he wanted? His reply was that we could see what it was all about and go from there.

I dove in and completed the profile: Added pictures, made sure we got verified, and wrote a bit about the kind of people we're looking for. After about a month of just lurking and not really participating, we decided the Lifestyle is something we wanted to pursue. We love the openness of it. Us being able to express ourselves without the fear of feeling ashamed. We can openly talk about our fantasies with each other and with others. Our sex life before had always been great, but now, it has reached places we would have never known.

We have yet to indulge ourselves in a full swap, but are really looking forward to when that day comes.

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