Ever wonder if your neighbors are as open about sex as you are? We have, and we've acted on our hunch more than once. The rumor mill runs wild in small towns, but even if you only believe half of what you hear, you might be pleasantly surprised if you ask the right questions at the right time.

Who would guess that those people down the street were open to more than just a few drinks and a couple of games of pool?! After years of being social in the "typical" way, we managed to divide and conquer which ultimately led to a bit more fun than most backyard cookouts.

Here are a few tips that might work in the right situation:

1) One of the best ways to find out where you stand is to switch partners on the dance floor. It's socially acceptable regardless of the venue, and it allows for more private conversations. Switching back lets you regroup and decide if it's worth more effort.

2) Getting slightly "fresh" with your own partner under the table sets an obvious tone and might elicite a probing question from your not so vanilla friends. Steering the conversation to bedroom talk will weed out the uneasy types quickly. You'll know before you say "butt plug" if you've gone too far.

3) Did someone say "skinny dipping"? Might seem like a no brainer, but most times couples stay with their own partners. If that is the case, you can at the very least have some fun with yours and try out your exhibitionist side. Pools and boat rides have proven to be very sexual venues when everyone is on board.

Despite all your efforts, there's no magic wand or crystal ball that lets you know who's up for what. A small amount of alcohol can be the catalyst for some interesting times, though it's certainly not required and sloppy drunk is never acceptable. Be comfortable and test the waters slowly.

One thing is for sure: you'll never know until you tip your hand, take your top off, and make the first move!

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