I had confessed to my husband that I thought my lesbian co-worker and friend, Kat, was hot as hell and I wouldn't mind pursuing some deep seeded curiosities with her. Since then he seemed to have a permanent hard on even almost two years later.

Nothing had come out of that infatuation I had with her and all we were left with was some naughty pillow talk and occasional role play in bed.

Now, I don't condemn porn and those who watch it, I'm just not a fan and prefer reading a steamy romance and imagining myself as the protagonist or heroine in a sexy novel. My husband had a small collection of porn titles and one of them caught my eye. It was an older DVD by Andrew Blake which was a lesbian-themed porn movie. We watched it together, not expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised at how aroused I was while watching it. Maybe it was the way it was shot; or the music, which wasn't the usual cheesy porn soundtrack; or perhaps it was the sexy models that got it on with each other, that gave it a European art house quality to it. Whatever it was, it's the only porn that has ever made me hot and further aroused my sexual curiosity towards women.

Fast forward a few months: We decided to go to Las Vegas and the lights were shining and flashing as hubby and I had our wedding anniversary dinner and were hopping around different casinos on the strip having drinks and trying our luck on some gambling. He coyly suggested visiting a gentleman's club off the strip, and feeling a bit adventurous, as Vegas seems to make you feel, I agreed to check it out.

It was a Friday night and the place was packed. We sat at a table near the main stage and ordered a couple drinks. Several of the ladies greeted us and asked if we'd be interested in a dance. We politely passed on the first few offers as we took in the loud music and bright lights while having our drinks.

I wasn't about to judge any of the ladies working there that night. Everyone has to do what they must to make money and survive. I didn't have pity for any of them but I did have empathy. Not trying to compare the two, but I had worked as a cocktail waitress in a skimpy outfit at a sports bar and knew how men with a few drinks in their system could act sometimes.

This was all while keeping my clothes on so I couldn't imagine what these men were like, while stripping down to a g-string in front of them, grinding on their junk. I might of felt less compassion if the predominantly male clientele was made up of Adam Levine, Channing Tatum, and Matthew McConaughey or their look a likes. But they weren't, and most of the men in the club were portly convention goers away from their wives taking advantage of their freedom. All these girls earned every dollar as far as I was concerned.

The club DJ looked like he came straight out of the 1980's with his AC/DC t-shirt and stringy long black hair. He would mix in a contemporary tune every now and then but it was mostly a heavy dose of Def Lepperd, Guns and Roses, and other hair bands. Of course there was the strip club anthem, "Girls, Girls, Girls" by Motley Crue thrown in for good measure. My hubby enjoyed it, and I'd grown fond of most of those songs through him so I wasn't really complaining.

I felt a bit awkward being there but wasn't uncomfortable as there were a few couples sprinkled amongst the predominantly male clientele throughout the club. Twenty minutes into us being there, I noticed one of the girls take the main stage. She was tall and slender and had a natural beauty and her face wasn't caked with make up like many of the other dancers. Her body was firm and her tummy had a crease down the middle. If anything, these girls got a good workout dancing and working the pole each night. There was a sensuality to the way she
danced maybe because it was a Beyonce song she was moving to and not a head banging tune. She undid her top and let it fall beside her as her subtle and firm medium sized breasts were bared to the audience.

I caught her eye, or maybe my husband did, and she flashed a wink in our direction. After the song she climbed down the stairs off the stage and headed towards us.

"Hey y'all" she greeted us with a familiar Texas drawl. "Mind if I sit?"

My husband pulled out her chair and motioned over the cocktail
waitress and got us all a drink. She introduced herself as Destiny and chatted us up for a few minutes and told us she had moved to Vegas from Texas where we were from. We clicked our cocktails together and cheered the Lone Star State. She seemed sweet and her bikini top had gotten my husband's attention but I couldn't blame him. After she finished her drink she got up to make the rounds and told us she'd be back in a few.

"She's pretty hot! No?" My hubby asked. I nodded in agreement.

She had disappeared into the crowd and after about 20 minutes she reappeared at our table. She grabbed my hand and looked at my husband.

"I'm going to borrow her for a few minutes" she told him. "Take your time," he replied wondering what she was up to and where she was taking me.

Destiny led me to the back of the club into what was a smaller area that was roped off and apparently served as the VIP room. Not sure what the benefits of this section were; perhaps
better seats, the A team dancers, or maybe more intimate and private lap dances. There was a small three foot high stage with mirrors behind it and the music wasn't as blaring as it was in the main areas as Destiny, still holding firmly to my hand, led me up on stage. There was a small armless chair off to the side that the girls used as a prop while they danced and she pulled it up to the center and had me sit down on it. I looked out at the dimly lit room and figured there was 12 to 15 people seated in the room, mostly men and maybe three

I nervously sat there as the music started and another eighties
favorite, "Rock You Like a Hurricane" by The Scorpions piped in
through the sound system as Destiny started doing her thing on stage.

I wasn't sure what to do as I sat there with my palms face down on my legs and completely motionless. I was wearing a short dark midnight blue strapless cocktail dress about thigh high.

Destiny banged her head and shook her body to the driving beats and sounds working the small stage back and forth in her two piece outfit circling around me. I was pleasantly buzzed so I wasn't as nervous as I could have been, but I still felt out of place being up on the stage. Then "Toxic" by Britney Spears started to play and some of the men made their way to the stage to give Destiny a mix of five to twenty dollar bills. I smiled at her as she slid her finger across my bare shoulders and down
my chest to my cleavage then bending over and kissing me on the lips.

One of the girls in the audience came up to the stage and slipped a 20 dollar bill in Destiny's bikini bottom and she thanked her and made her way back to me. She put her hands behind her back and undid the strings of her top as her breasts were now exposed and she began circling me with a seductive look and sensual walk.

By now "Slow and Easy" by Whitesnake was playing as she pressed herself against me, her firm round tits in my face and she slid down my body. I could feel I was beginning to perspire from the stage lights, the leering crowd, and of course Destiny's erotic little number. She was giving me a personal lap dance in a smoky filled back room and I could feel the stares of everyone in that room. People were now throwing money up on stage and as the song reached near the end she pulled down the top of my dress.

Back then I felt more confident and wasn't wearing a bra
underneath and now my boobs were on display to the small crowd in attendance. I wanted to cover up but she playfully grabbed my arms pulling them apart and slid her glittery body down mine as our naked breasts touched each other. I panicked a bit but took a deep breath. Was this inappropriate? I didn't even have a license to show my "tatas" in public if there was such a thing. But then I remembered it was Vegas and I closed my eyes as the song came to an end. She got applause from the room and I pulled my top back up as she collected her earnings off the stage floor. She pulled me up from my seat and raised my hand to the small crowd that clapped and started whistling
and we walked off the stage.

"I hope I didn't embarrass you?" she said looking concerned.

"No it was fine," I replied. I actually had a rush of adrenaline from what had just happened.

We returned to the table and my husband was finishing up getting a lap dance from one of the girls. He asked where we had been for the last 20 minutes. Destiny smiled and winked. "She was helping me entertain!"

She ordered a round of drinks which she paid for and offered to dance for my hubby without a charge. I wondered how much she made while her and I were up on that stage. It seemed like a lot so maybe a round of drinks and a lap dance for hubby was a way to show her appreciation.

She moved erotically while dancing for my husband and I was surprised that I wasn't feeling jealous as she pressed herself against him. If anything I was envious of her nice body but other than that I was okay with it. He offered to pay her when the song ended but she declined and sat down to take a drink.

She spoke loudly over the blaring music, "I'm off in 15 minutes. Do y'all need a ride back to your hotel? Maybe
we can get a drink?"

My husband's eyes lit up as if he'd scored a jackpot at a slot
machine. We looked at each other and shook our heads in agreement. She excused herself to finish her shift.

"She seems nice," he told me and I concurred. She never told us her real name but we knew her by her stage name. We paid our tab and finished our drinks eager for our date with Destiny! And yes, that really was her stage name!

I sat in the front seat of the used, two-door red Mercedes that
Destiny owned as she drove us to our hotel using the back way instead of the more familiar Vegas Strip. She parked the car and we all walked in to the Mirage Hotel which was still buzzing at almost two in the morning.

"So you wanna get a drink at the bar?" my hubby asked.

"You have any booze in your room?" she inquired back.

"We have some Belvedere vodka and some Jack Daniels."

"Perfect. I like both!"

We rode the elevator up and I knew that sex was going to happen
tonight. I wasn't sure how and who but it was obvious Destiny was down to fuck. I mean come on! She gave us a ride to our hotel and wanted to skip the bar and have drinks in the room.

We were pretty quiet as we walked into our hotel room and hubby poured some vodka with a splash of tonic we had left over from earlier in the evening. We talked a little about her time in Vegas which wasn't long and asked about what we did back in Texas. It was small friendly conversation as we sipped
on our drinks.

I looked at her under a different light than the flashing stage lights of the strip club, and she even looked prettier to me than she did there. She had a bit of a pouty mouth and an
inviting smile. Her eyes were brown and they did look a bit tired as you'd expect after a long night at work.

Maybe I felt at ease with her cause she was a fellow Texan but there was undoubtedly a lingering sexual tension in the room. She sensed it too and put down her drink. She stood up from the side of the bed and took off the dress she had changed into back at the club and dropped it on the floor next to her.

She slipped out of her high heels and sat back down on the bed with nothing but a pair of pink lacy panties. She tapped the spot next to her, signaling for me to sit and I moved from the desk chair over by her side.

Our room had two beds and hubby sat on the other sipping his
drink intently watching us. She put her hand on the side of my face and told me how beautiful she thought I was. I blushed and thanked her and soon our lips were locked and our tongues were intertwined in a soft yet deep feminine kiss.

Her hands rubbed my back just above my strapless dress as my eyes were closed enjoying the moment. Then she pulled the top of the dress down like she had on stage earlier that

"Damn girl, you've got gorgeous tits! You'd make a killing doing what I do!"

I felt myself blush as my hubby smirked. She placed her soft
hands on my breasts rubbing them in a circular motion. Her touch felt so good as she played with my now hard nipples between her fingers while continuing to kiss me softly. She reached behind me and unzipped the dress and pulled it off me and now both of us were in our panties.

"Touch me," she told me. I was visibly nervous.

"It's okay. Relax. Touch me wherever you like."

I was drawn to her bosom and I gently placed my hand on her breast and her head immediately fell back as her eyes closed. She placed her hand on mine for me to grab her with a firmer grip and led me to her other breast. They felt wonderful and now both my hands were fondling her tits.

"Do you like them?"

I nodded positively. She had a nice pair, natural, and not too big. She pulled me up into the middle of the bed with her as we kissed some more and our boobs pressed against each other sending chills up my body. I liked how our tits felt mashed up against one another and her hand making its way up to grab my ass!

"Damn girl! You've got some junk in that trunk," and she gave my ass a big squeeze. I was feeling hot and getting wetter as our bodies were intertwined and I lay back while she kissed my nipple and licked it in a delicate way. She put it inside her mouth and began sucking it moving her hand down my abdomen and down to my moistened muff. She reached inside my panties and she could tell how hot I was as she pushed her finger inside me probing my warmth and wetness. She slipped another finger and it felt incredible as I couldn't help but to start moaning. I instinctively tried to pull away but she continued to finger me and I gave up resisting it and went with the flow.

I peeked over at my hubby who had stripped down, drink in one hand, his boner in the other. Destiny began slipping off my blue panties and soon I felt her warm breath on my hot pussy. She began licking me and probing me with her tongue while using her fingers and her touch sparked a raging fire across the landscape of my body. She knew her away around my body and it was discernible that she had experience with women before.

My good friend Kat, who I had imagined doing this with before,
flashed across my mind as my eyes were shut tight while I took in every touch and lick Destiny delivered. Soon my muscles tightened and my body contracted as it yielded to the moment and I gasped as I came hard, surrendering any inhibition that might of remained about my first girl on girl experience.

I could feel my wetness run down my upper thigh and I could see it on Destiny's shiny mouth as she smiled at me pulling herself on top of me. She placed my shaking thigh in between her legs and began sliding up and down in a steady rhythm and soon I was covered in her sexual dampness. She continued to ride my leg leaning down to grab my breasts and after a few minutes and some loud whimpers I could feel herself release in ecstasy. I let out a nervous laugh as she braced herself trying to catch her breath. My husband sat there in complete silence, mouth ajar and eyes wide open at what he just witnessed.

Destiny looked over at him and with a flirtatious inviting smile and asked him, "why don't you come join us!"

I wish I could tell you we had the most amazing threesome in the history of sex after my husband joined in, but I've promised to keep it real. If my account of that night has made you hard and satisfied then don't read further. Enjoy the moment I had.

Unfortunately my story doesn't end as good as it should of.

No it's not anything crazy like Destiny was a tranny or anything like that! My hubby was more than eager to kiss me after just witnessing me orgasm while another woman had her way with me. We kissed as she rubbed his body and mine at the same time. His hands were on mine and Destiny's body, and I saw him take her wonderful breasts in his hands. His cock was like steel and I'm sure he was feeling amped by the show we had just given him.

Destiny and I lay kissing while my hubby fingered us both and it was very erotic. I rubbed his throbbing cock which was damp and ready to fuck. Destiny couldn't help but notice it either and she sat up and took him in her mouth.

Suddenly those fires burning across my landscape which I mentioned earlier had been vanquished as I watched her suck my husband's hardness. It was like being awakened from a sexy dream by a clap of thunder.

Damn! This girl could eat a pussy, but sucking dick seemed to be another talent as she went to town on my hubby's hard shaft. Suddenly my stomach began to feel pangs and I wasn't feeling as sexy as I had just moments ago. Maybe it was how his head tilted back while she pleasured him or maybe I was just tired after a long night and had too many drinks. Whatever it was, I was losing that loving feeling.

Destiny then leaned back propping herself on her elbows and spread her legs open for him. His dick was only moments from entering her. If you recall a previous post of mine, I titled, "Wait... you're putting that where?" this was the moment where that quote originated.

Suddenly I was overcome and felt physically ill. Destiny sensed
something was wrong and even in the heat of passion she stopped to make sure I was okay. And much to my husband's chagrin, I wasn't okay!

Game over.

Destiny got me a bottled water. I took a drink and then I asked her to leave. My husband who had lost that big shiny hard-on
by now was apologetic to Destiny but she seemed to understand.

She kissed me on the cheek as I apologized and she thanked my hubby for the good time. He wondered if maybe we'd see her again and she smiled and winked as she put on her dress and slipped out the door. I could sense his frustration but I didn't want to talk about it and I just wanted to be held. Tired from the Vegas nightlife we slipped into a deep sleep.

Our flight back to Texas was the next day and we didn't talk
much about what had taken place the night before. It was something that happened unexpectedly and I wasn't prepared for it. This was when I realized that communication is so important. Being new to stuff like this—which up to that point has just been fantasies—exploded in my face when it suddenly came true. We both lived and learned and while I still remember that night fondly, it was an important moment when we realized that talking about things before, during if possible,
and after, were of great significance.

It's not that I was opposed to him going further with Destiny that night, it's just that it had never come up in our conversations or fantasies before. Perhaps if we had discussed those desires then I would of been better prepared and more
open to it as I would later become.

My husband was a little bitter that I ruined the moment that night, but having learned from it made us both more open to new sexual situations that we would find ourselves in, not long after that night.

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