Before I share another experience from our past that led us up to the lifestyle, I wanted to provide some background.

People always ask why I identify as bi-comfortable in my profile and what does it mean? In my case, I feel comfortable in girl/girl situations. I don't consider myself bisexual as it's not a necessary prerequisite that I play with other females and I'm not really bi-curious as I've explored and satisfied most of those curiosities in
the past. Being bi-comfortable means I realized most husbands like their wives to break the ice and get aroused at watching them play. In my case, I typically like kissing and tops-off, waist-up type play. I'm ok with a wandering finger and yes I like boobies!

Again, not required but it's all good. I don't usually take charge in such scenarios and I'm fine with exploring another female. I've been with females that have gone further, all the way down on me in some instances. I
just don't reciprocate. Still confused? Let's just say I don't eat pussy.

My first job out of college was as an event coordinator for a marketing firm. I worked with a girl named Kat and she was in a lesbian relationship. We became fast friends. Despite our sexual identities, we had many common interests such as TV shows, movies, foods, and we both loved to shop. Talking with her over the next year that we worked together, I found that her relationship was very
similar to any heterosexual Union. They had the same dreams, passions, and like other couples, the same differences and conflicts.

Kat had a gorgeous face with high cheek bones, light brown eyes, and a perfect nose in my opinion. Her hair was long and flowing and she always dressed nice. We spent a lot of time together and talked about her girlfriend and I'd share things about my new boyfriend which I had just met and who would eventually become my husband.

I genuinely enjoyed being around her and I'd find myself missing her when she was gone from the office for long stretches of time, marketing our company's services out on the field.

One night, my future hubby and I met up with Kat and her girlfriend for dinner and drinks. Despite always looking great at work, she was stunning that night. Maybe it was the dress that accentuated her body perfectly, the way she had her hair styled, or maybe how she had done her make up but I was never more drawn to her.

Could I have been developing a crush?

We spent a lot of time together at work and knew pretty much everything about one another. From our childhood to our college days to the present. But this was different. I felt a tingling warmth in my stomach that night. A downright attraction. Her lips were a pretty shade of red and I began imagining my lips pressed on hers! I was completely comfortable with her lifestyle and as she openly pecked her girlfriend on the lips and held her hand at dinner that night, I started wishing it was me. It wasn't jealousy but a genuine attraction, and so consuming that a few months later I confessed these feelings I had to my future husband. Of course he was excited by this revelation
and was naturally supportive hoping to one day witness some girl on girl action between Kat and I.

Kat was committed and very happy in her relationship. I looked for signs of any interest she might of had in me. She was always complimentary of my appearance and she began to consider me one of her best friends which I completely enjoyed. Sometimes we'd leave work early to visit a boutique or two and then have a glass of wine. Or two.

Our hugs, when we bid each other good bye, seemed to last longer and I took in the scent of her hair and it remained with me until the next morning. Did I have a school girl lesbian crush on my friend and co-worker?

Months later I was in a deep embrace with her as I arrived to work on a Monday morning. I had showed her my engagement ring I'd been given the past weekend and she was thrilled and happy to hear the news! We had wine at lunch and blew off the rest of the afternoon to look at bridal gowns and surf the Internet for wedding ceremony ideas. It wasn't just the wine, being with Kat gave me a buzz. She was
beautiful, sweet, and fun to be around. She would end up being a bridesmaid in my wedding and we seemed to get closer as two friends could be.

Did she feel that same buzz hanging out with me I wondered?

Was there a tingle inside her whenever we embraced?

Did the thought of throwing me on her bed while naked and ravaging my body ever cross her mind as it had mine?

I promise to keep the experiences I share on here real and truthful. I wish I could tell you that we found a mutual attraction that we couldn't repress any longer; that we let our desires get the best of us and we explored each other's bare bodies on a bed of satin sheets fulfilling any
curiosities we might of had about one another.

As open as I was to that happening and encouraged by my now fiancé to explore those inclinations I might of had, unfortunately it didn't go any further than a strong friendship we'd developed. I'm grateful for the strong
bond we still have and although distance has kept us apart, we still talk on occasion and try to stay close.

I always wondered if I truly had deep sexual and emotional feelings for Kat. Although I admit I'm attracted to females to a certain point, it's never anything close to what I felt in those days. It's not just about a pretty face, nice lips, and soft skin when it comes to other females: it's more about the sensuality than the sexuality. A well toned body, firm ass and boobies are just icing on the cake. And if she's covered in icing, well even better!

Although there was some disappointment at not sharing a sexual moment with Kat for both me and my now husband, it was probably for the better. It was just another experience in life that I point to that fueled my desire to explore my sexuality further and a precursor to my first full
sexual experience with another woman which would happen in the near future.

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