Being the nympho sex monster that I am, I have tried many different ways to achieve that all consuming Big O, trying different toys and such. My husband had purchased a Tens Unit from the local adult toy store, brought it home, blind folded me, and placed the four pads on my body, one on each nipple and one on my clit and one on my taint, then turned the unit on low.

I thought to myself, "Oh this isn't bad at all I can handle this." Not knowing the intensity that would come from this little 3"x 4" black box, or even how I would react to electrical pulse on my erogenous zones, he continued to increase the speed and intensity until my body was twitching and spasming in ecstasy, and oh my was I ever wet.

Yeah well...until that Friday morning delight, I thought I had experienced the Tens Unit in a pretty exuberant and intimate way, but not so much! I recall how this one Friday morning delight started...OMFG!! Let me tell you the unit that I have is kid's play compared to the unit I was hooked up to that day.

The gentleman caller that brought the Tens Unit arrived to find me lying in bed, hands bound, each leg tied to the bed frame, blind folded, and scantily dressed in a black lace mini (I guess you would call it a dress, though it fit more like a tight shirt that was only long enough to just barely cover my pussy lips).

Hubby had prepared me for the visit by gently licking my clit and getting my juices flowing. The gentleman asked my husband to place the pads on me, which he did and in the same places in which he had put ours. The gentleman turned on the unit and instantly I could feel quite the difference in the two units. Ours started out much more dull and not nearly as intense as the unit that I was connected to that day.

The first set of pulsating jolts, while intense from the start, hit hard and left me feeling quite amorous and increasingly aroused, intoxicated by ecstasy. As the gentleman went through the different levels of speed and intensity my body responded in kind to every pulse, tap & vibration that it had to offer, each more extreme and harder than the one before.

At only a level three my pussy was extremely wet, causing the pad on my taint to separate from my body which created a harsh stabbing prick to my cunt. While it was extremely painful, it brought me to an incredibly heightened state of arousal which I could less than bear. I asked that he replace the pad, which he did, asking at the same time if I was ok and did I want to use my safe word (BTW, 'kumquat' is the word I have chosen as my "stop that shit immediately please I can't handle anymore!" word) at which I replied, "Don't you dare stop, please Sir".

He then proceeded to pulse, tap and vibrate the freaking hell out of me until I exploded in an amazingly fantastic full body orgasm that left me begging for one of them to stuff their cocks in my mouth, which to my great pleasure they both did.

Thank you so very much for allowing me to show you just how appreciative I can be. First my husband, a familiar feeling cock, slid over my parted moist lips and tongue deep into the back of my mouth. He did this a few times, slowly sliding in and out of my mouth and then down my throat. I swallowed, causing my throat muscles to clinch his cock tightly as he delved as deep into my throat as he could possibly get, cutting off my airway completely. He pumped it once, twice, three times until my head was swooning from the lack of oxygen, and then he pulled out allowing the gentleman caller the opportunity to receive his thank you.

Sliding his cock into my mouth only for a second, he quickly pulled it out and said, "I want you to suck my balls" at which point he sat on my head with his balls dangling at my lips. I gladly obliged him his request, suckling and lapping at his balls until I had the uncontrollable need for his cock to be back in my mouth. I took it and began to suck it firmly, slow at first, fluctuating my rhythm until he said, "If you keep that up I am going to cum."

My cue to continue more intently until doing just that, as I knew that he had to soon go, but not before I made him cum.

I could feel his cock stiffen and throb and knew that he was ready to blow. He pulled his engorged cock from my mouth and shot his hot load on the very tits that he had just tormented with his Unit. He then got up, dressed, gathered up his Unit, and was gone just as quietly and quickly as he had arrived.

My husband unbound my hands, released my legs from their bindings and removed the blind fold, then proceeded to ask me if I was ok, and all I could muster was what I said in the opening paragraphs of this story: OMFG!!!

Thank Mr Ten's Unit! You were truly a gentleman caller.

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