By M of MandS

By 2007 we were very active in the lifestyle and had made quite a few swinger friends. We were attending 1-2 regular events a month and spending time with lifestyle friends whenever we had the opportunity. One night we were invited out by a couple we had known for awhile, to go to a strip club along with another couple we didn’t know. We are always game to go to the strip club and to meet new people, so we got ready and headed to their place.

We met at their house, had a few drinks, met the other couple and left for the club. This new couple, John and Christy, was great. They were attractive, laid back and fun. The six of us had a great time at the strip club and then decided to go back to the house for some fun. Once we were back at the house, everyone broke off into couples. I went with the male half of the hosting couple, who I had been with several times before and S went with Christy. At the end of the night, we said our goodbyes and headed home.

Then next day, we received a message from John and Christy saying how great it was to meet us and how they would like to hang out again. The only problem was, they lived almost two and a half hours away from us. We messaged back and forth a little and they invited us to come up and stay with them for a weekend. What did we have to lose? At the very least, we would have a fun weekend Up North. So we picked a weekend and started making plans.

When the weekend came, I was nervous and excited. We left immediately after work on Friday. When we arrived we got settled in their guest room and went out to dinner. We got along even better this time. We laughed and joked and flirted like we had known each other forever. We returned to their house and decided to get in the hot tub. After some naked hot tub fun, we went inside. They preferred playing in separate rooms, which was something we liked as well, so we headed off with the opposite spouse.

S had been with Christy the night we met, but this was my first time being with John. I just hoped we would be as compatible in bed as were out of it. I was not disappointed. We had amazing chemistry and there was no awkwardness at all. I knew S was in the other room having a great time so I was able to focus on my enjoyment and having fun with John. I’m not sure who was done first, but we eventually all ended up back in the living room just hanging out.

The next day they took us sightseeing around their town, which is a touristy area, so there was lots to do. We hung out like friends, talked about our regular lives and got to know each other. The best part was knowing later on that night we would be fucking again (and again). Sunday morning they made us breakfast and we hung out for a few hours before leaving for home. On the way home we couldn’t stop talking about how much we liked them. We actually had to pull off the highway and have sex about half way home.

We made plans for them to come stay with us for a weekend a few weeks later. We even finished our guest room just for them. We continued to take turns staying weekends with each other at least once a month. We took vacations together. We spent the 4th of July together. We went to Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, Pictured Rocks and the Detroit Zoo together. We went rafting, hiking, bowling and to dinners and movies together. We would have sex and then watch TV on the couch together, where we would eventually start making out and end up back having sex. It quickly became clear - we were dating this couple.

We all still had every right to meet other people and occasionally did, but honestly we didn’t really have anyone we enjoyed being with as much as John and Christy. This continued for over a year. We eventually even had to come up with cover stories as to why we were spending so much time up there and them down here.

The sex was amazing. We had a comfort level that made everything so much better. We would often be out and about and pair up with the opposite spouse, kissing and holding hands. It wasn’t abnormal for us to be riding in the car and Christy would be in the front giving S a hand job while John and I were going at it in the back seat. There was no jealousy or insecurity - just friendship, fun and hot, steamy sex.

The most common question we would get (and still do when we talk about them) was “do/did you have feeling for each other?” The simple answer is no. Not if you consider “feelings” to be falling in love. We were not in love with them. But if you mean feelings of respect, friendship, caring about them and sexual attraction? Then, yes, those are the feelings we had for each other. One of the most common things we see in profiles is “looking for friends inside the bedroom and out”. Our relationship with John and Christy was the very definition of this.

In late 2008, we decided to leave the lifestyle completely to start a family. This meant ending our relationship with John and Christy, but not our friendship. They were happy for us and understood why we were stepping away. They were actually the very first people to find out I was pregnant. I found out on New Years Eve and we spent that weekend with them at their house (in a strictly vanilla manner). A few weeks later, they stopped by and had dinner with us on their way home from the airport after a trip to Hawaii.

In 2009, Christy called me to tell me they were getting a divorce. This was devastating to us. Not only because of our swinger relationship, but because they were our friends and we cared about them. Sadly, John chose not to continue our friendship. Christy came to my baby shower and came to visit our new baby. We had lunch with her and her new boyfriend (who is very vanilla, but knows how we met) and went to their housewarming when they moved in together. When she got re-married to him this summer, we were invited to the wedding.

If anyone had asked us, we never would have planned on dating another couple. It was just one of those times where the stars aligned and we met people who we enjoyed spending time with as much as we liked having sex with. We loved the time we spent with them. It is a friendship and relationship we will always treasure. We know we may never find another couple like John and Christy. But then again, who knows? We just might.

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