Our society places a great deal of pressure on women to look and act a certain way. These expectations are outrageously unrealistic unless the money for physical alterations and augmentations is endless, or you have a really incredible photo editing program. I’ve struggled with my weight, body image, and self-esteem my entire life despite comments and assurances that I am beautiful. I never felt worthy of any compliments until I came into the LS.

That’s what I love about people in the LS—they are open and honest. There are no obligations to anyone other than your partner, and people are usually very genuine. They tell it like it is. If someone isn’t interested, it doesn’t mean that I’m unworthy; it just means that it’s different. And different is okay. People in the LS accept others from all walks of life without regard to social status or occupation or any pre-established expectations. The LS is about pleasure, making others physically feel good and feeling good myself, no strings attached.

My husband and I love each other; we’re best friends, and for some reason when he tells me I’m beautiful or hot, I often dismiss it because it’s something he’s “supposed to say.” The LS is so liberating and affirming because it provides an environment where if someone else comes up to me and kisses and compliments me, it’s okay. No one gets jealous; no one feels threatened. It is an environment of trust and communication that allows me and everyone to feel good about ourselves whoever we are. And that’s how people flourish.

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