Most people say that the best part of sex is the orgasm.

I disagree.

For me, it's the anticipation: knowing that what is about to happen will be spectacular and relax me better than any drug could. The hard, swollen head of his 7 ½ inch dick first sliding into my wet pussy, there is no better feeling. This feeling intensifies when there will be more than just us two.

Our sex life has always been great. We’ve used toys, entertained the idea of bondage (he can bind my hands with his ties without having the lights on), fumbled on the inflatable bondage sex ball (which now sits in the corner) and have worn out our impressive collection of porn. I taught him just how hard to squeeze when choking me (yes, I am one of those). I showed him that prostate stimulation can be a beautiful thing. He learned techniques to get me to squirt.

Since partaking in the LS, we continue to enjoy sex with each other more than ever. We have yet to enjoy a full or soft swap, but we find that we are more open now; our communication has increased. We can openly talk about what we want to do to make each other feel good instead of dancing around subjects we used to avoid.

The best sex we've ever had happened after went to a swingers club for the first time. We couldn’t wait to get home to tear our clothes off, but instead we climbed into one of the private areas. The heightened atmosphere of the club and the intense sexual energy surrounding us drove the anticipation to new heights, and I came as soon as he took my dress off and first put his tongue on my clit. I was so excited and scared at the same time, but I will never forget that feeling and how sexually powerful it can be.

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